Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm still here!

In case you were wondering, yes I am still here.

I haven't done much blogging at all, I don't feel like I have time for it right now. Our lives are super busy and spare time is spent with a much needed nap or a good movie most of the time.

What are we up to you are asking? Well first of all we are still in the process of moving. The closing date is in a month. It has been the most stressful thing that I have ever gone through. I can't wait for it to be over with. My faith has grown, but has also been tested. I am so grateful for the temple. After an awesome time there the other day I am now convinced that miracles do happen. It will all be over with soon, and a new chapter can now be opened. I can't wait!

I got the kids registered for their new school the other day. They will no longer be in year around school which means that they will actually have a summer vacation! I am mostly excited because I found out that the school nurses will all be the same for that school as well! In fact they have it set up already for another little boy to have the school nurse come every day at lunch to bolus him for his food! This was good news! Sending Brooklyn to first grade was about to kill me. The stress has been lifted by quite a bit. I am so happy we decided to have them switch schools!

So crazy things had been going on with my health. I still don't feel like I have many answers, but after a few test we found out that my liver isn't working like it should. I have to avoid alcohol (hahahaha) and Tylenol for awhile and see if that helps. Then I think they will do another test to see if it changed anything. Who knows what is going on, but to be honest I am not worried about it. I have far too many other things to worry about right now.

My hubby is doing great. He has decided to do a 180 and leave/stop trying to get a job in the financial world. He was all lined up for a pretty good job with New York Life Insurance, but felt it wasn't the right way to go. It was still a commission based job and he realized that he will never be happy there. He is going to start back up with school in the Fall and will graduate in a few semesters with a degree in Criminal Justice. Yes, this means he has decided to be a police officer and will be going through the Police Academy as well. This is what he has always secretly wanted to do, and I am so proud and happy that he is taking the opportunity to follow his heart and do something that he wants to do. This might come as a shock to some of you, but to me this was no surprise. I feel that this is what he needs to do and I couldn't be more excited and proud.

I am also on the planning committee for our JDRF walk this year. Wendy Cooper and I are the Entertainment Co-Chairman. This means that the two of us are in charge of planning all the entertainment for our walk that about 6000 people attend. This is a big job but I am loving it! Working with Wendy is great! This girl has quickly become one of my best friends. We think and act so much alike that it is making this job more easy that I thought. I know I know ask me in a few weeks when I am a little more stressed about it.

So that is about it for now. Our lives seem to be getting crazier and crazier by the day.