Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Things First

I will get to blogging about my life for now check out my cute new niece. I got to take her pictures this morning. I am one lucky aunt to have such cute nieces and nephews.
This cutie is 2 weeks old. She was SUPER tiny when she was born and hasn't grown much since. Holding her and loving her was just what I needed today!
You can check out a few of my favorites here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My super awesome friend Holly is having a little fun with raising money for our JDRF team!
You can get a FREE bar of the AMAZING Spotted Owl Soap just with a donation of $10 or more! This stuff is so good it's even my Hubby's favorite soap! And when was the last time your hubby cared what kind of soap he uses? YEA, IT IS THAT GOOD!
Thanks Holly!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This Girls Has a Story!

Some of you may be new to my blog and some of you have been around for awhile. I have been asked a few times about the Princess' story of when she was diagnosed recently so I thought it would be a perfect time to post some links to where you can read about it. I have written about it many times since November so feel free to search my archives (maybe someday I will put labels on my posts) or email me with any questions you might have!

We had been noticing symptoms that something wasn't right for a few weeks. They were progressively getting worse too. I wrote this post when all I could do was think about it. The thought of what was wrong was keeping me up at night! I knew something was wrong but with not having insurance I didn't want to over react. I was inspired to take her to the doctor and after meeting with her doctor, I made this quick post before heading to the hospital where we spent the week.
I tried to post my thoughts each day to keep record of that time. My mind was still in shock a little, and I was so tired. Reading over this, this and this post I am not sure how I even managed a full sentence! It was so hard for me to see my 4 year old little girl getting poked SO many times. Our new life seemed overwhelming, but around every corner I could see how our lives where being blessed! To this day my heart is so full love and gratitude for all that helped, for all the prayers that were said on our behalf. See this post that I wrote about some of the ways we had been helped! It made it possible to look at the strength that she had and because of her we could handle it all! What a brave girl!
It isn't always easy though! There have been many times that are tough and it seems to be more than I can handle. But through it all my Princess can still smile, she can still be brave. She is an amazing example to all those around her.
And in case you have forgotten, we are still looking for people to join our team and to help raise money for the JDRF Walk for a Cur . See this post below on how you can help!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Our family is organizing a team for the JDRF Walk for a Cure on August 29th. This is our first year doing this and I couldn't be more excited! I have been busy trying to recruit people to our team and raising money to reach our goal of $1000.
If anyone living in the Salt Lake City area (or want to travel I suppose) and want to be part of our team please go HERE and sign up. We would LOVE to have you join us! Your efforts with raising money will help out a ton too!
If you want to just donate to our team you may go HERE. Even a dollar will be super helpful! And thanks in advance, you will never know how much this means to us!
This is going to be so much fun! I have participated in walks before like the Relay for Life. We did that as a family for a few years in a row. I even have organized a walk a thon for elementary school kids that was with the Muzak Heart and Soul foundation. They were all really cool, but this one hits home a little more than the others. To think that with our efforts there could be a cure for diabetes! What an awesome thing! I think about how diabetes has changed our lives, then I think of how much a CURE COULD CHANGE OUR LIVES and I get emotional! (I know what you are thinking, I am just an emotional person lately anyway!LOL!)
To someday say that she USED to have type 1 diabetes would be a fabulous thing people! SIMPLY FABULOUS!