Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bad "D" Day.

Since I can't seem to escape the fact that diabetes stinks, I think I better post it so everyone knows what I have it today more than normal.

Today is the Princess' 2nd day of first grade. I don't want to be THAT kind of mom that is constantly hovering over her child, and I thought we went over everything enough last week with the teacher and the school that I thought I didn't have to go to school today except for lunch.

My stomach got all in knots around 9:15 when I thought she would be getting tested. They were told to call me if her #'s were out of range, but if there were ok, then there was no need to call. By 9:30 I didn't get a call so I thought everything was ok. Well about 10:30ish I got a call that she was 40!!! I know!! I asked what she had to bring her back up. A few teddy grahams. I told her she needed a juice too and to call me again in 15 min after they tested.

I was headed to the school at about 11 so I could get her all set for lunch. I hadn't received a call yet by the time I got there and was panicking a little. I walked into the school and she was still in the office. This was more than 30 min since she had been first tested by the way. She had been down there for so long. They had just tested her again and she was at 118.

One of the ladies at the office told me that the Princess had refused to test at 9:15, then again at 9:30. Finally by 10 she agreed to test herself. What the heck? I am irritated that she would refuse to test. If she would have tested earlier maybe she wouldn't have dropped so low and wouldn't have missed so much school. I have no idea why she would do this, but the teacher thinks that maybe she was embarrassed in front of the other kids. (I am going in tomorrow to teach the class alittle about diabetes.) We decided that she is going to do all her testing at the office, and I will talk with her when she gets home to see what happened.

So back to giving her insulin for lunch. We decided we would let her try school lunch. Last night I printed up the menu and all the carb counts and let her decide what she was going to have. She decided that she wanted a chef's salad, applesauce, a roll and chocolate milk. Not too bad. When I got to the school today the nurse and I gave her the insulin and the nurse left. I hung around to see how this was going to go. When she got in there the school didn't have the same side dishes that they had on the menu. There wasn't applesauce at all. (remember I had already given the insulin, and THE only reason why I was still there is because this is her first week of school. There is no one there to watch her while she eats, I wanted to make sure she can do this on her own.) Since there wasn't applesauce she had to choose something else. They had strawberries, bananas and "trail mix". Let me interrupt to let you know that this "trail mix" was a a mixture of fruit loops, rice crispies and chocolate chips! What kid would choose strawberries or bananas over this? Either way let me do this. The applesauce was 20 carbs. The strawberries were 16. The bananas were 10 and the trail mix was 45!!!! Whatever she was going to choose since there wasn't applesauce, there was going to be a difference in carbs no matter what.

She choose the trail mix.

Do you know what hell we go through to get her blood sugar down after she eats cereal? It's awful.

Anyway, I was not trying to "hover" too much. I want so badly for her to not feel left out that I let her get what she wanted. However, I went home thinking there is no one there to watch these kinds of things happen. Watch her make choices like this because what the school said they were going to have as side dish choice they actually didn't have. Watch her eat her food to see what she actually eats. Watches to make sure she gets more insulin because what was available to her has a much higher carb count than what she got insulin for. Who is supposed to be the watcher? I think for now it is me.

I get to go to school every day for lunch with my 3 year old in tow.

Atleast until I figure this out.

But honestly, why do they think that a handfull of cereal is a side dish?

I am irritated on so many levels.

If my daughter wasn't diabetic I would be able to send her on the bus to 1st grade like every other parent. Let her have her space at school. Let her have whatever side dish she wants. Let her eat the snack before recess. She wouldn't get in trouble on the 2nd day of school because she is refusing to test her blood. I could let her get back on the bus and come home to a mommy that wasn't so tired and stressed.

Stupid diabetes.

Just some random pictures for fun.

Since I have been a bad blogger for many months now, why don't I post some pictures of things that I was going to blog about?

Little Man got a pump. We love it by the way!

Princess, Daddy and I got to go to a fancy dinner at La Caille for the JDRF.

Princess testing herself.

We got to meet Megann forever ago. I love her and her cute girls!

Typical scene that I find often with the Little Man. Always into something. This is chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.

The kids were being helpful while we were getting our house ready to sell.

Grandma and Grandpa came from Idaho for our walk. They had a BBQ and a swimming party the next day. We all had a blast!

Rock the Walk

I wanted to document the JDRF walk this year. I didn't get a ton a pictures because I just handed my hubby the camera and told him to take what he could. Since I was running all over the place he kinda had his hands full with the kids. I am grateful that he was such a good sport with everything and he did a great job making the day fun for the kids.

The theme was Rock the Walk. It was at Wheeler Farm on Aug. 21st. I was on the Entertainment Committee with Wendy Cooper and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We had been going to meetings since around May to plan it. We were in charge of getting the bands, the sound equipment, the bounce houses, the slides, the velcro wall, the bungee run, the super soaker course, the rock wall, and other little stuff. It was a big job, but honestly I would do it again in a heart beat!

The kids and I were able to go around to different businesses and talk about our lives with diabetes. This was to help get them excited about the walk and helping with fundraising as well. We started by going to Merit Medical way back in the Spring. They were one of the biggest sponsors of the walk. Because of this the kids were going to help with the ribbon cutting ceremony. We all got to be up there, but the kids were afraid of cutting their fingers on the HUGE scissors.

(Just to add so I can document this we went to Merit Medical, Taco Bell, Discover Card and American Express and talked to all of them about life with diabetes. I also got to be on a 30 min spot on the radio station X96. We feel lucky to have such great opportunities.)

There were over 6000 people at the walk. I feel it was a huge success. (Other than the grass being swamped the night before) Our team raised just over $1000!! I am so happy that we have such great support from family and friends that donated and came to the walk! It was a big deal for us even if it was our 2nd walk.
I can't wait for next year!


The little man started preschool!! I know, I can't believe it either. Those that have been following my blog for awhile (there are a few of you I think) might remember when he was born! Crazy, I KNOW! Time flys way too fast!

He was so excited to go to Amy's...err Mrs. Mitchell's class. He just LOVES her and her family! He started a few weeks ago before the other schools had started, so he even got to see Jessie (his 14 year old girlfriend)! I guess the first few days he would only let Jessie test him, not Amy. Silly kid would hide under the table if she would try. I always said he was a stinker.

He loves preschool and has already learned so much. Our favorite is his good manners and bad manners. We use that for everything. He thinks it is great to hold up his thumbs and tell us what he thinks about it.

He is a crazy kid, but I am so proud of him. He really can be sweet too, and I think that preschool will help balance this out. Amy has a big job, but I am sure he is better for her than for me. :)

Little Man, I love you. I love that you still fit in my arms just enough for me to snuggle at any point during the day. You have a very big mind full of lots of things, I hope that you will see how much fun learning is. You keep my life interesting and make me laugh every day. I love you lots kid! Be strong. Be good and be kind!

1st Grade

The Princess started the 1st grade on Aug. 27. Why start on a Friday, and a short day at that, I will never know. She was so excited though! I was scared to death. Diabetes played nice, but I was there every few hours testing her and making sure everyone knew what was going on.

Her teacher seems really nice. Her name is Mrs. Tapia. She has never had a diabetic in her class, but she seems so willing to learn and to help out. I really like her, so does the Princess. There are also 5 other kids from our neighborhood in that class to so she already feels like she has friends.

Dude started school the day before her so he was excited to show her around a bit. He was really excited to see us at lunch. He came over and gave us a big hug.

I only got one phone call from her asking if she could have the snack that the class was having. She hadn't tested or anything and the school didn't really know what to do. We got it worked out, but I am praying that if parents are going to bring snacks it is something healthy. I really hate it when she feels left out!

Over all the first day went great! She was excited to go back. Hopefully today goes ok. I want to try to give the school a little space in figuring everything out. I will be there at lunch though! I still can't let that one go. Maybe after a few days of seeing how things go I can step back a little.
Princess you are a bright little girl. You have a smile that shines. I have no doubt that this year will be great, but please don't forget that when you start to feel alone in this big world, that your mom and dad are always right by your side. I love you little lady! Good luck this year!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nothing means more to me than this....each and every one of them.

2nd Grade

My handsome Dude started 2nd grade on Aug. 26th. Man this summer went by fast! He was a little nervous to start school. He had so many friends in our old neighborhood and loved his old school he wasn't too happy about switching. It is so hard to see your kids go through feelings like that, but he is a good kid and a fun person to be around so I am sure he will make more friends in no time.
He lost his two from teeth in the last few weeks. He looks like I did when I was his age, but I was missing my 4 front teeth for several years. I just loved this picture of him.

He gets to ride the school bus every day, which is new to him. I actually think that this was the highlight of his day.

He is now going to the same school that I went to elementary school at. He teacher is Mrs. Diamond. Now she is an older teacher, but I don't think that she was there when I was. It is crazy taking my kids there now and remembering all the things I do from school. It actually makes me feel really old.
I really hope this year turns out good for him. With all the changes that have been happening lately he has been the one that has struggled the most. All I want is for him to be happy, healthy, and to be smart. He has the potential for all those things, I just get to teach him to take it one step at a time, and to find happiness in everything.
Good Luck Little Dude. You are growing up way too fast. Just remember as you walk out the door each day that no matter what your mommy loves you!

Mom always says not to run in the house!

Last Sunday the kids were a little wound up from a fun day swimming and hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa and some of their aunts and cousins. I told them to settle down many times, but as usual they didn't listen. Dude was chasing Princess down the hall then she tripped and fell right into the corner of the wall. I heard it all the way from upstairs, but had to wait a minute to calm down before I went to check out the damage. When I got there Princess was holding her forehead and screaming. Once she took her hand off I could tell she was going to need stitches. Luckily the Instacare was open for another hour, so Grandma and I headed over there to have it taken care of. 3 stitches and a free ice cream cone later she was all better.
(She was super scared to get the stitches. We had to call daddy to help her calm down. She needed Dot, her bear, to hold too.)

(The Doctor didn't think it was too bad, but was happy we brought her in.)

(After it was numb, but before it was stitched. Poor girl wouldn't stop crying. The red punch mustache was from when we visited Aunt Steph's house. Steph always gives them a huge glass of Crystal Light when we visit, we just hadn't cleaned her up yet.)

(All better! She had to have them in for a week. I took her after church today to get them out. They put the stitches in a blue cup for her to take home. This was the highlight of her day.)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

D Mom's to the rescue!

Alright so tomorrow I have to send diabetes to school for the entire day. Who knew first grade could be so stressful?

We have an understanding of how the school likes to have things done, and what we want done too. But I have one major problem I just can't seem to figure out. I need advice from my trusty D mom's to help me get through it.

Here's my problem...

Lunch time.

I know, I know there are lots of ways that everyone does this. But hear me out first before I get swamped with emails.

First she is only 6. She has the basic understanding of how to count carbs, and for the most part she is pretty good at eating everything on her plate. Should I teach her how to handle this herself? Is she old enough to fully understand AND do it on her own? Or does she need to be supervised still? (I am thinking the later)

Second, we have the school nurse coming BEFORE lunch to give her insulin, BUT she can't stay to watch her get her food, or watch her eat it for that matter. WHO is responsible for making sure she eats what she was given insulin for and if not make any adjustments? Is this me? Do I need to go to school every day? Do I trust that it will be ok?

Third, Is it better for me to just send lunch every day? I found all the carb counts for school lunch. They have a pretty good selection, and Dude LOVES school lunch, but would it be easier to just send it every day?

HELP! I am meeting with the teacher and school nurse in a few hours and I am not sure how to handle it yet. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!

Did I mention diabetes is going to give me grey hair?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's been awhile since I have posted and a lot has happened this summer. I am annoyed by myself that I haven't documented the last couple of months. We have been busy, but I also have admitted to have a tiny bit of a computer/blogging addiction in the past. My poor family only saw me with the screen in my face. I had take a break and focus on my family and get us through some changes in the past few months. I am going to try to ease myself back into blogging so I don't miss out on posting some important things...this is my journal after all.

To bring you up to date...

Our house sold! It was a long and stressful process but it sold! We are relieved to have that chapter of our lives closed. We are now living in my mom and dad's basement. We really feel comfortable here. My mom and dad really are amazing and are being patient with us while we adjust. We have quite a bit of space, the kids love having grandma and grandpa close by, we are starting to make new friends, and most of all mom and dad feel like we can breath again. I asked the kids the other day what was their favorite part about living here and all of them said that they can ride their bikes around the shed through the gate by the trailer and through the gate again. They can, and have done this for hours.

My hubby got accepted to the police academy! He starts on Sept. 7th. When he made this decision we knew from the start that this was what he was supposed to do. It has been amazing to see him go through the process and really see things happen. It truly does show that the path has been laid out for him, he just had to find it and follow it. When he first applied for the academy it was full. The lady there told him that he could get all his info in to her though and they will hold it if a spot opened up. So he got it all in within a week. She was so impressed by his desire to get in and willingness to get everything into her that she kicked out a guy that hadn't done anything yet and put my hubby in instead. He was #50 accepted to the academy out of 50! He has all his gear and is ready to go. Even though he will be gone every night, I will miss him, but I am so excited for him too!

Our Walk to Cure Diabetes this year was a hit! Our team reached our goal in a very short amount of time, and we had lots of friends and family come and join us. Wendy and I had meetings all summer long to plan the entertainment. We were in charge of getting the activities, rock bands, sound equipment, and face painters. It was tough job, but working with Wendy and all the other committee members made it so much fun! It turned out great! (I will be posting a whole other blog post to this so stay tuned)

Little Man started preschool a few weeks ago. He LOVES Mrs. Mitchell!! He loves to see Jessie (his 14 year old girlfriend), Mallory and Tyler. Amy is the best teacher and just makes everything so fun! I loved when he came home the other day and put his tiny little thumbs up and said "good manners" then put his little thumbs down and said "bad manners". Just the way he said it was so cute! It has helped us to teach him quickly more about his manners just by a thumbs up or a thumbs down. He has been trying to count too. For some reason he just can't remember the #7. He is still a stinker. He still gets into everything, but I love him to death and I am really proud of him. He is handling his diabetes as well as a 3 year old can. Each day gets better, but his #'s are getting worse as he comes out of the honeymoon. Time to make some changes.

Little Princess is going pretty good. She had to get stitches the other day. (I have pictures I will post when I get them on the computer) Her brother was chasing her and she tripped and fell into the wall. 3 stitches right on her forehead. She lost her first tooth a few weeks ago too! She was so scared to have it pulled out. Finally grandpa was able to get it out. She is excited to start school on Friday! I am scared to death to send her to 1st grade! I know that it will work out though, it always does, it's just the adjustment period when we get into a routine that scares me. She has met a few kids here in the neighborhood and 5 of them are in her class at school! This will be really good for her. One little girl, Lillie, was asking all sorts of questions about her diabetes. Her mom is being so great to teach her what she can and to learn more about it herself. This has meant to world to me and will be helpful at school.

Little Dude is having the hardest time adjusting to the move. He is still so sad about leaving his best friend Nathan. We have tried to get them together to play still but he misses him so badly. He has met a friend, Hyrum, and plays with him when he can, but it isn't the same. Starting school tomorrow will be good for him. To have the structure and to meet new friends. He has lost his two top front teeth in the last 2 weeks too. He looks silly, just like I did when I was his age. He is growing up so fast.

As for me, I have just been busy. Now that the walk is over I hope to find more time to work out, and get a little more organized. I am happy with where we are at in our lives so I am striving to seek guidance every day.

This is where we are. Now maybe I can post every day and keep up with this crazy blog again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An eventful day

I almost wish there was a way to know when you wake up each morning how the day is going to go. Sorta like the weather...if it is going to be pouring rain most of us would rather stay in bed. Well if I would have known my kids were going to get themselves into the situations that they got themselves into today, I would have just stayed in bed and skipped the day altogether.

You see we were asked to go to American Express today and speak with the JDRF. We have been doing this quite a bit lately so I didn't really think much of it. But today something was a little off because almost everything that could have gone wrong did. I was late so I couldn't drop Dude off at the sitter like I had planned, and both kids were high when we got there. Let me rephrase that for those non diabetic families, blood sugar high, not the other kind of high. Anyway, while I was speaking the kids couldn't sit still. Walking all over circling my feet you name it. I think the speech went ok, but they were distracting. I even got asked if they have ADHD.

When it was over a man asked the kids if they wanted to go out and see the fish in the pond behind the building. This was part of why they couldn't sit still. They could see the pond from where they were sitting and just couldn't leave the window alone, they were dying to go outside. Almost as soon as he asked if they wanted to see it the boys ran for the door opened it up and set the dang fire alarm off. I was so embarrassed. It was worse than the time the Little Dude set off the fire alarm at McDonald's. This building was 10 times bigger with way more people. The kids got to see the fish, but I had to restrain myself from nudging the oldest while standing a little too close to the edge of the pond. That would teach him a lesson. (Just kidding by the way...well sorta)

Our escorts took us to the front doors to say thanks and goodbye. I gave my badge back to the security officer and he kindly unlocked the door for us to all go through. He very clearly said "don't go through the revolving doors, I opened the other door" I told my kids just in case they didn't hear to NOT GO THROUGH THE REVOLVING DOOR GO THROUGH THE OTHER ONE. They apparently had their own agenda and all three of them headed straight to the automatic revolving door. Dude made it through then sister came after. She made it through too. Little Man was about 2 steps behind her. He stuck his head in to get through in the same section as his sister and wouldn't you know the door slammed on his head. He was S.T.U.C.K! It was trying to still "revolve" and was totally crushing his head. I dropped everything and tried to get the door open a little. There was so much force it wasn't moving. Little Man at this time was crying and screaming a scream like I have never heard. I was trying so hard to get it open but I couldn't. Another man came over and tried to open it. He couldn't open it either. With both of us forcing it open we finally got it open just enough to get his head out. The stupid door just kept revolving while I held him in my arms. I was shaking he was screaming. It was awful. There was so much force that in just the few seconds that he was stuck it gave him a big goose egg on the side of his head. You could see where the skin was about to crack and bleed. I am so grateful we got him out, but it makes my stomach sick to envision it again. It really was horrifying to see him stuck like that with the door crushing his little head. We had to go to the on site nurse to make sure he didn't have a concussion. Thankfully he is ok. Me not so much.

It has been an awful day. All three kids have been at each other's throats all day. As I type I have Dude and Princess writing the sentence "Showing respect shows love." over and over again. Mean mom? Maybe, but after today I am a little grumpy. I am planning on drowning my grumpiness in all the peanut butter and chocolate as I can later tonight.

Also, I am pretty sure that American Express won't want us to come back any time soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad blogger...I know!

I'm about to make it up to you!