Monday, August 30, 2010

Just some random pictures for fun.

Since I have been a bad blogger for many months now, why don't I post some pictures of things that I was going to blog about?

Little Man got a pump. We love it by the way!

Princess, Daddy and I got to go to a fancy dinner at La Caille for the JDRF.

Princess testing herself.

We got to meet Megann forever ago. I love her and her cute girls!

Typical scene that I find often with the Little Man. Always into something. This is chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.

The kids were being helpful while we were getting our house ready to sell.

Grandma and Grandpa came from Idaho for our walk. They had a BBQ and a swimming party the next day. We all had a blast!

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Megann said...

Shannon, that picture of us brought back some memories! Like Lainey standing by the front door refusing to have her picture taken? We need to get together again! I'll give ya a call next time I'm in town.