Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost? What?

WARNING: This post might have a little TMI.

If at the end of this post you feel like you know a little too much about me/are grossed out/or annoyed then all I have to say is that I WARNED YOU!

So on with my story.

Ever lost anything?

Like REALLY lost?

I loose things all the time, that's nothing new. But honestly today when I woke up I wasn't aware that I was even missing something, but as the day went on what I had lost had taken over my entire day.

Let me explain.

I hadn't been to see the "lady doctor" in a really long time. I haven't had insurance for a few years, remember. Well today was the day. I needed to go in. I have an IUD that I wanted replaced (hate the side effects) and well you know, I needed a check up. So we talked for a bit about other options for the IUD. I was going to have it out in a week and a new one (that doesn't suck) put in, but he still needed to do a check up.

With out too much info let me just say that the words "we have a problem" is not something you want to hear while laying with your knees open and the bright light shinning up... your nose. Our little problem was, well, the doctor couldn't find my IUD...anywhere.

My first thought was "does this even happen to people? Or just people with my kind of luck?"

He wanted me to have an ultra sound done right away. I picked up the little man from school and frantically tried to find a sitter for him (thanks Amy, Mallory, and Tyler!). I refused to take him. I drank as much water as I could and an hour later I was laying on a table, with my knees open again, getting the "fun kind" of ultra sound.

To make a long story short they found it. Sorta. They actually couldn't see all of it. It had traveled a little farther North than it should be. I have to have it removed, but they don't know if it has tried to attach itself or not, that was the one thing they couldn't tell. So I have to have a "procedure" done next week to see if they can just take it out. If it has attached, then I get to have a hysterectomy. Sounds exciting huh?

Again I sit here wondering, how do the strange things always happen to me? CRAZY!


The Piquant Storyteller said...

A hysterectomy? Are you kidding? Were you done having kids? I have to say I love the way you told this story but HOLY WHAT? Too many questions.

Shannon said...

Not kidding...I still can't believe it. I knew something was wrong (lots of pain) but I never thought it would be this! And yes we are done having kids, so a hysterectomy isn't too horrible other than it is major surgery.

Robin and Stephenie said...

Oh gosh! I am so sorry. I have to agree with your friend, you are a good story teller but how scary. Let us know the outcome.

Meri said...

What the what??? CRAZY! I hope they can get it out without major surgery! I'll add this blog to my list! I've missed you!

Aubrey said...

Oh man, how fun. I have an IUD too and that is my big fear. Good Luck, I will be thinking of you.

Glenn Amber Evans said...

Shannon my friend lost one and she got prego!! So be greatful it wasnt that kind of end result :) Are you guys done with kids? Can you still have kids with a hysterectomy i thought takes everything out?

Chari said...

I have an IUD and I fear that happening. I have a few friends that had problems as well, but it didn't stop me. Good luck to you! I hope for the very best for you.

Holly said...

A hysterectomy, really? I would definitely get a second opinion. That seems really extreme for something they should be able to remove. I mean they remove cysts and patches of scar and flaps of excess skin that section off the uterus. Why on earth would it be a total "yard sale" over one little IUD? I'm no doctor - but that sounds crazy. I hope it's a simple thing to just get it out and find another method of birth control.

Crustacean Queen said...

What??? Well that sucks. My doctor said she couldn't see mine either but figures it was in the right place, she told me to get an ultrasound to be safe...but get this, I blew off the ultrasound! Maybe I should go back in??? Shoot!

Shannon said...

Rhoda you silly gal, go get it checked out! I will watch your super cute kids! :)