Saturday, January 15, 2011

The things that I love today.

1~ Diet Mtn Dew (My first love is Dr. Pepper, but why does Diet Dr. Pepper have to taste so nasty?)

2~ I can't get enough of it!

3~ My mom's Cricut. Oh boy, I think I will need one someday.

4~ Good ideas for my Young Women's lesson tomorrow.

5~ My hubby coming home from school super early today.

6~ Wet Ones individualy wrapped hand wipes.

7~ This super cute song that I just stole from Rhoda's blog. SUPER CUTE!

8~ RedBox, Netflix, and Hulu Plus...enough said.

Hope everyone is having as fabulous day as I am.


Crustacean Queen said...

I'm with you there....Diet Dr. Pepper is wrong! Never had Diet Mtn Dew...I'll have to try it!

What? You stole my song! ☺ That's awesome, I actually contacted the composer and bought a copy of the written music. In fact I get emails from him once in a while, it's like were bff!

So we recently lost our insurance because of a job change so I had to find a new doctor. Found one and got an appt, the receptionist couldn't believe I had blown off the ultra sound! She's squeezing me in the soonest she week. So yeah, thanks for the heads up, I love blogging! I'll keep you posted.

Holly said...

It's great that the little things can sometimes save the day!

Anonymous said...

I can't live without my Netflix!

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