Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gonna need a nap by 3:00 for sure.

It's Endo appointment day.

I almost dread this day in a way. First, it's a really big pain in the butt to take both the kids at the same time. I have tried separate appointments, but that is almost as big of a pain. So taking them together is how we are going to do it...for now.

Second, getting the info, and the blood sugar logs together are a huge chore sometimes. I am not the best at writing things down unless I feel that a trend needs some extra attention. Every month I have been downloading the number from the meter, but for some reason it isn't working. I have talked with Animas and there is a problem with the Princess' meter, there is also a problem with the Little Man's pump. So in the next few days we will be getting one of each as a replacement. In the mean time I get to manually enter in all the blood sugar numbers. I just entered two and a half weeks and it took me an hour. Not fun! Oh well.

Also since the kids have been having awful numbers I have been telling myself all week that I am awesome! Ha ha, this is so my self esteem won't be ruined when their A1C's go up.

So I am going to make sure I have books, paper and crayons for the kids to keep them entertained, and a huge Diet Mt. Dew (trying to be good, and diet Dr. Pepper sucks!) for me and the massive headache I am sure I will have by the end of the appointment. Wish me luck!

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Stace said...

i think you are great! your family is amazing and even if their a1c's go up a smidge, you can't take too much blame for that! just know that i think you are amazing for all that you do!