Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rocky, Steph and baby Max... TRUE LOVE FOREVER

I haven't posted much about this on my blog. There really isn't any reason why, I just hadn't really had the right words to express my feelings. It has been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought today I would give it a chance.

Almost one year ago (Feb. 26 2010) my sweet sister in law (seen above) married the sweetest and most wonderful man, Rocky. They had met at school at a time when they needed each other so badly. They were perfect for each other. They made some amazing goals together and set out on a path that was leading them both to eternal happiness. They really were so in love.

Just as they were getting their lives started together his tragically ended. On July 17, 2010 Stephanie woke up when Rocky never did. He was 27 years young. It was the most horrible day anyone could have ever imagined. It was gut wrenching to see Steph heart broken that her true love was no longer going to be with her. It was so hard to know that we didn't get much time to know him. We loved Rocky so much, he was apart of the family instantly, and the thought of never seeing him again was so sad. Seeing his mother and sisters mourn for him is still so hard. He was an amazing man, and still to this day I miss him dearly.

The day after she buried her husband, Steph found out she was going to have their first baby. Such a bitter sweet moment. He would have made and amazing dad. Steph feeling so alone, yet still able to keep a part of him to hold forever. Everyone's emotions were all over the place.

Baby Rocky Maxwell (Max) will be here before we know it. I can't wait to meet him, and snuggle with him, and kiss on him, and babysit him. As wonderful as his arrival will be, I don't know how to prepare myself for the feelings that I might have. Joy or sorrow? Both I am assuming. Either way, he is a little miracle baby.

Steph is such an amazing woman. She still builds people up even while she is grieving. Her example of faith, and love is empowering. She was able to go through the temple in October. What an experience that was. Even though some days are a struggle to get through, I still couldn't be more proud of her. I will never be able to imagine what she has gone through and how she feels, but I can be grateful for all that she has done for me. Just thinking of her love and friendship for me brings tears to my eyes. Boy do I love that girl. She is going to be an wonderful mother.

I miss Rocky so much. I wish he was here. I keep his picture on my dresser and can still feel him guiding me somedays, especially when it comes to my worry and concern for Stephanie. The next few months we will celebrate Steph and Rocky's one year wedding anniversary without him. His baby will be born without him. Steph will be a single mother. But there is a little more to look forward too. As we near the year anniversary of his death, Steph will take little Max to the temple so they will be sealed as a family for eternity.

My testimony of the temple is very strong, and in times like this it is proof as to why. This little family will have a change to be...well a whole family.

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Samantha said...

Hi Shannon! I haven't blogged in forever, but I just popped in to see how you guys were doing. I hope your family is well! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I think I went to high school with Rocky. I can't even imagine what your sister-in-law is going through. I'm sure the veil will be very thin when that sweet baby is born. How amazing to know that he was just with him.