Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I didn't post very much in 2012. I wish I would have been better at blogging because boy it was a great year! Just for fun, here is a list of some of the highlights of the year.

Hayden turned 9.
Tyson turned 5.
Brooklyn turned 8 and was baptized.
The hubby got his dream job working out on the road as a police officer.
Tyson graduated Preschool.
We took an amazing trip to Texas to see family. AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
We made sure to go on an outing every week during the summer. Seven Peaks Water Park season passes were the favorite.
Found out we were adding TWINS to our family.
Hubby got his assignment and his cool cop car that the kids think is SUPER cool. So does the hubby actually.
Kids started school. Including Tyson starting Kindergarten.
Had a great holiday season starting from Halloween clear to New Year.

I am missing so much, but that is what I get for not keeping up on the journal all year.

We really were blessed this year. It seems as though we are finally on the upswing from the past 4 years. I was reading over some past posts and it reminded me of how hard things seemed. We really were going through so much. 2012 was the year to look back and say "now I get why that happened." I feel so blessed for how things have worked out.

2013 is going to be interesting, but will be one that we will never forget. I don't really have many expectations for this year, but here are a few things that I hope for.

To survive 7 more weeks of pregnancy.
To survive having two newborns.
To be able to live in every moment without feeling too overwhelmed. This is something that I really regret every time I've had a newborn.
To be a better mom by being more patient, gentle and understanding.
To be a better wife by offering support, love and encouragement.
To prepare for owning our own home again.
To have a super fun summer like we did last year. We really did have so much fun.
To be more aware of where I am needed so I can make sure I don't miss a moment of service.
To better myself spiritually.

Ok, so maybe I have more expectations than I thought. Well, ok maybe I need to just live in the moment, and take each day one at a time.