Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

My little Princess turned 3 yesterday. Here are some fun pictures of her special day.

Every birthday my kids put me to the test with my cake decorating skills. (or lack there of.) She wanted Strawberry Shortcake, and I delivered the best I could.

Here she is showing off some of her birthday gifts. See why we call her Princess? She also got her ears pierced. I will have to take a better picture and post that another day.

I can't belive that she is 3! Time just goes by way too fast! Happy Birthday little lady!

Little Dude riding his bike!

Little Dude learned how to ride his bike today without training wheels! He just got his bike for Christmas then today wanted to try it without the training wheels. The very first time he got on it he took off! This kid is fearless! He has been practicing all day! He is doing great! Here are a few pictures.

Here he is just about to take off.
There he goes! A natural if you ask me!

Dad still was running by his side just to make sure he was going to be ok! They had so much fun!

Just because he is cute!

Monday, April 16, 2007


This post is going to be loaded with pictures and with info from the last couple of days!

To start off, I took the Little Man to his 2 week appointment. He is growing great! He is now 8lbs and 4 ozs. Also is 21 inches long! He is pretty close to the same size that his older brother was when he was born! It is crazy to think! He is a REALLY good baby and we feel REALLY blessed! He wakes up to eat every 2-3 hours (except last night, he went 5 hours!) but as soon as he is done he goes back to sleep. It is so nice! The other night about about 2:30 I was sitting on the couch feeding him and Little Dude woke up and came and sat next to me. We sat there and talked while the baby ate. When he was all done, Little Dude wanted to hold him and sing him a song. He held him softly and quietly sang "A, B, C, D..." it was really cute!

We enrolled Little Dude and his cousin in soccer. Their first game with this Saturday. It was so much fun! Little Dude is much better than he was last year, and his cousin is learning. They both seemed to have had a really fun time!

Also on Saturday my hubby came home with 40 lbs of fresh strawberries! I was shocked! He wanted to make jelly, I wanted chocolate covered strawberries. After MANY hours we ended up with TONS of both! 41 jars of jelly, a freezer filled with frozen ones, and a counter covered in chocolate covered ones! I was in heaven! A little tired of making jelly (hubby made most of it though) but we can now say that we have a 5 year supply of strawberry jelly!

We were given a swing set from a friend of my hubby's. It needed a few things done to it, but we got it up this weekend. The kids LOVE it! After eating the chocolate covered strawberries, the kids headed out to play, and have pretty much been there ever since (except for sleeping and school of course.). Check out the pictures of them that I added to this slide show! I am very excited to have this now! It has been so fun for them!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

#2 in the Trio

This is just so I don't feel like I am leaving anyone out. Check out the slideshow of my little Princess (but she doesn't seem so little anymore.)playing in the yard this morning. What a cutie!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wise advice from Daddy.

This wise advice was given to the baby the other night from his loving daddy

"If you can do everything in life half as good as you can poop, you will be a very successful man!"

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy ONE week old Little Man!

I have been wanting to share these pictures of our our little man. (I think that is what I have decided to call him here on this blog) Our computer was having issues again, but my sweet husband got it all working again. They are MUCH better pictures than the last ones that I posted. I finally got time to take some nice ones. So go check out the slide show here and enjoy!
We are all doing well! Sleeping when we can, and just enjoying the time that we have together while daddy is home with us too! He goes back to work on Monday and I am starting to get a little nervous.
The two older kids are doing great with their brother, but they are still acting a little strange. I expected some change in them though, this is a big deal in their lives. All in all if we can keep them from escaping down the street while I am trying to feed the baby, we will survive.
Sometime when I get more time to write, I want to try and document what has happened in the past week. That might have to wait until the middle of the night when everyone but me is asleep!