Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

My little Princess turned 3 yesterday. Here are some fun pictures of her special day.

Every birthday my kids put me to the test with my cake decorating skills. (or lack there of.) She wanted Strawberry Shortcake, and I delivered the best I could.

Here she is showing off some of her birthday gifts. See why we call her Princess? She also got her ears pierced. I will have to take a better picture and post that another day.

I can't belive that she is 3! Time just goes by way too fast! Happy Birthday little lady!


Christal said...

Great job decorating the cake! I always had a thing for Strawberry sHortcake when I was little!

arianne said...

I was so happy to come to your blog today and see new pictures of your kids! I love that cake you did an amazing job!! she sure is a true princess!! Your baby is changing so much in the last month. He is so cute! Also two wheels already? He still seems to little to be riding two wheels! Time sure does fly!!

Gretchen said...

Oh man! You and Gini both make amazing cakes. I am in awe of the creativity you people have!

Your little princess looks adorable, happy birthday!

alisonwonderland said...

happy birthday, princess!

Katkat said...

She looks so happy! And that cake is Amazing!