Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monster Mommy

Ever since we have moved my little dude has been a nightmare. I hate to say this about my little guy, but I just don't know any other way to put it. Before I get into why he has been so horrible let me just say that I can understand!

I understand that when you move out of an environment that is the only one you know it is hard. Not to mention living in a temporary place until you can settle in somewhere. I can understand that it isn't any fun to have pretty much everything that you own in a box sitting in a garage. I know that having daddy gone all the time is hard, believe me I know! I understand that it is hard to leave what you know and start on something new is one of the most difficult things that you have to deal with. I guess what I don't understand is being 3 years old and having to be faced with this.

I think that it wouldn't be so bad to live with grandma and grandpa when you are 3. There is better food and better treats. There is more people to cuddle with and watch tv with. They even have some pretty fun toys that we don't have. Grandma and Grandpa are some pretty cool people, they are really cool to live with.

What I don't get is why does everything have to be a fight? When did a 3 year old become more intelligent than a 27 year old or even a 53 year old? At what point when mom is yelling her heart out to get you to just sit down and listen do you think that is funny? How many times do you have to sit in a time out before you realize that we mean business? Why do you not understand what the word stop means when you are being told to knock it off but you totally get it when you see a stop sign? How many times do I have to say something before you hear me and do what I ask of you? And mostly where in the world did you learn that hurting someone is ok?

I really have had it. I can not take any more back talking, yelling, not listening, hitting, bugging people just to get them worked up, and fits. I feel like I have turned into a Monster Mommy. I feel that I am no longer patient with them. I can not get a word to sink into him. I can not get him to settle down long enough to explain anything to him. I find myself yelling at him over almost everything. It is always a fight to get him to do anything. Even getting dressed is always an issue, not to mention the crap that we go through just to lay down and go to bed.

I am at a loss. Most would say that it is just a phase because of all the changes that he is going through. I really don't know what to think about it. He just isn't the same little guy anymore. I feel like I can't be happy around him because he frustrates me so bad.

There are times when I think that it is just me, hormonal, stressed me. Maybe I am too strict or too impatient. Maybe I am too controlling. Either way how does this come to an end so that we can have peace again? How do we stop it now so that we don't get stuck with any bad habbits? How do we not ruin our relationship between mother and son? How do I put away what he calls the Moster Mommy and be the Fun, Happy, Patient Mommy again?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby name game.

For those of you who read this blog that don't think that I am full of hate and judgemental, I need your help.

(FYI, I never wanted to hurt anyone. I never ment for my post about my sister in law to get that out of hand. I needed to vent and honestly that entire post was truly just out of love and frustration with the situation. Drug abluse is a difficult thing to deal with and it hurts many people along the way. I was hurt and needed to get out how I felt. I don't regret what I said, I just regreat the context in which it was taken. This is something that my family will get through in time. So to get past it and to not dwell on it and not expose the world to my family problems and arguments I have just deleted the entire post. So there you have it. Sorry guys I am not a fan of drama. But thanks to all for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. They will help her and help us all to cope with it. I had a long conversation with her on the phone and I have to say that I am proud of her and the steps that she is taking to get better.)

So onto what I need help with. Since we found out that we were pregnant we have been talking about baby names. We came up with a really cute girl name and have never been able to settle on a boy's name. Now we know that we are having a boy I feel a sense of urgency to find a name for him. I want to be able to call him something. I want to be able to feel like I am bonding with him when I can call him a name. We have come up with some many names but non of them seem right. I have been online looking at the year's most popular names and I am just not a fan of Jacob or Michael, or Joshua and Caden and stuff like that. Sorry if any of you like those names, but they just don't fit here.

So here is where I need your help. I want to hear what kind of names are out there. I want know what you guys would name your little boy. There isn't that many people that read my blog so maybe you guys can ask some of the people that read your blogs what they would name him. (This really isn't a cry out for more readers but if it helps me find a name then so be it. Just kidding. I just thought that it would be fun to have more help then the handful of people that read my blog.)

So if you have a name leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear some new names. And who knows maybe we will end up using on of your names.

I do have a little bit of criteria though. The name can't start with a W, B or H. It also can not be something like Caden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden, or anything that is like that. I like somewhat unique names, but nothing too out there that the poor kid will have to pronounce his name to everyone his entire life. So let me know what you are thinking, put a link on your blog or just ask around, and maybe soon will will find the right name.

Let the game begin!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's talk about something nice now.

Sorry about the last post. I don't usually like to get that personal here, but I really needed to vent. Nothing really has changed with that whole situation, but I have decided that I just need to stay out of it. Protect my family when I need to, and just not dwell on her problems, and mostly not let myself be walked all over.

So moving on to other things. I am not really in the mood to make a lond detailed post about what is going on here, so I am just going to make a short list.

- I have a nasty cold today. I think that my head is going to explode, but at least it is Sunday and I can get lots of rest.

- My hubby got to feel the baby kick for the first time the other night! It was really cool.

- The next night I got to play a little game with the baby. I would poke him, he would poke me back. It was really cute and it totally made me laugh.

- My carpet is going to be installed tomorrow! YAY!

- The nasty tile was taken out of my new kitchen. I have never seen such a glorious site.

- Little dude has the entire week off school for Thanksgiving.

- I am very excited for the hollidays.

- I ordered all new decorations for my Christmas tree. They should be here next week. Now the tricky part is, is to see if we get to use them this year or not. Just kidding. We should be in our new house in a few weeks.

- The kids love staying with Grandma and Grandpa. Little dude even snuck upstairs last night to sleep with Grandpa. Very cute.

Well I think that is about it for now. I need to go get some rest. I wish you all a happy and spiritual Sunday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The verdict is in!

Here is a picture of my little baby's face. The ultrasound took forever, the baby was positioned strange. It made it really hard to get very many good pictures. But the baby looks great, and very active! The baby measures the right size at 20w 1d. So my due date is still April 2nd.

So for those of you that thought that we were having a girl you are wrong. Sorry! It is a boy, and we are totally excited! We have NO CLUE what we are going to name him. We have been talking about boy names for months now and we just can't come up with one. If you have any suggestions let me know.

It was really fun to tell the kids. Little dude says he is happy and the he will share his toys. Princess just says "NO! I want a sister!" and "I already have a brother." I did eventually get her to say something good about it though. She is starting to be exctied that she will have 2 brothers.

So there you have it! It is has been a long day and I totally need a nap now. Hope the day is great for the rest of you!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Moved, and tired

So I have been sitting here for the last 20 minutes typing about all the progress that we have made on our new house. Even about having doubts about buying the house because of all the work that needed to be done. (It was really nasty!) I was talking about all the friends that the kids have made, and how I feel that when the house is all done, it will be a place that we can call home. Well, blogger lost it all! Dumb blogger. So know for know that my husband and my dad have been working really hard on the house and it is looking great! I can't wait for it to be all done. You will have to get the update of all that we have done on it later, I am tired of sitting here so I am not going to retype it.

Also just a fun little question. I find out what I am having next week. I am really excited and I have no guesses either way. I just want to know what all of you think I am having?