Sunday, November 19, 2006

Let's talk about something nice now.

Sorry about the last post. I don't usually like to get that personal here, but I really needed to vent. Nothing really has changed with that whole situation, but I have decided that I just need to stay out of it. Protect my family when I need to, and just not dwell on her problems, and mostly not let myself be walked all over.

So moving on to other things. I am not really in the mood to make a lond detailed post about what is going on here, so I am just going to make a short list.

- I have a nasty cold today. I think that my head is going to explode, but at least it is Sunday and I can get lots of rest.

- My hubby got to feel the baby kick for the first time the other night! It was really cool.

- The next night I got to play a little game with the baby. I would poke him, he would poke me back. It was really cute and it totally made me laugh.

- My carpet is going to be installed tomorrow! YAY!

- The nasty tile was taken out of my new kitchen. I have never seen such a glorious site.

- Little dude has the entire week off school for Thanksgiving.

- I am very excited for the hollidays.

- I ordered all new decorations for my Christmas tree. They should be here next week. Now the tricky part is, is to see if we get to use them this year or not. Just kidding. We should be in our new house in a few weeks.

- The kids love staying with Grandma and Grandpa. Little dude even snuck upstairs last night to sleep with Grandpa. Very cute.

Well I think that is about it for now. I need to go get some rest. I wish you all a happy and spiritual Sunday!

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Katkat said...

I meant to comment earlier sorry. I have a family menber like the one you wrote about. It's hard you want to help but in the back of your mind you know they will do it again. good luck and I'll keep your family in my prayers.