Monday, April 04, 2011

A Really Big Problem

Ok D-Moms I really need your help. We have an ongoing problem with my Little Man. He is obsessed with sneaking food. It is such a huge problem. Let me remind you that he is 4. A little too young to understand ALL of what diabetes entails, but you would think that after a year of having diabetes he would understand a little...right? We have a lock on the pantry door. We have hidden the key because he has figured out how to pick the lock. He gets into the fridge and even eats frozen foods out of the freezer. ANY type of food he finds he eats matter what it is. He gets into my purse, diabetes bag, backpacks, and church bags and eats all the low snacks I have for him and his sister. Then I never have a low snack for when we are out and we need one. We hide things in the oven, on top shelves and behind locked doors. This doesn't stop him. If there is something left out by accident he eats as much as he can. For example, he took fruit snacks to school for his VIP treat. He had some left over that I forgot to lock up before I got into the shower. (I know it's my fault I left them out) But he didn't just eat one package of them...NO...he ate THE REST OF THE BOX! That is 7 bags of fruit snacks!!! This is not just a one time thing. I feel it is almost a sickness. Or his personal challenge in life...something that goes deeper than diabetes. I talk food with this kid a good 80% of the day. He is ALWAYS wanting something to eat. We have meal time and snack time but this doesn't mean anything to him. He gets into trouble, I talk with him, I try to teach him but NOTHING is working. 7 bags of fruit snacks.... I don't even know what to do at this point? Dose him for all 7 bags? 140 carbs worth? This kid doesn't even eat more than 70 carbs in a meal usually. Damnit I hate diabetes! I just got so mad at him. He is sitting in a time out crying. I am crying out for help with tears in my eyes trying to get control of myself. I hate that he doesn't get it. I hate that I have to tell him that this could make him sick...or even kill him. I hate that he is 4 years old and has to deal with diabetes at all. I hate it!!! I HATE IT!! What do I do???