Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mom always says not to run in the house!

Last Sunday the kids were a little wound up from a fun day swimming and hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa and some of their aunts and cousins. I told them to settle down many times, but as usual they didn't listen. Dude was chasing Princess down the hall then she tripped and fell right into the corner of the wall. I heard it all the way from upstairs, but had to wait a minute to calm down before I went to check out the damage. When I got there Princess was holding her forehead and screaming. Once she took her hand off I could tell she was going to need stitches. Luckily the Instacare was open for another hour, so Grandma and I headed over there to have it taken care of. 3 stitches and a free ice cream cone later she was all better.
(She was super scared to get the stitches. We had to call daddy to help her calm down. She needed Dot, her bear, to hold too.)

(The Doctor didn't think it was too bad, but was happy we brought her in.)

(After it was numb, but before it was stitched. Poor girl wouldn't stop crying. The red punch mustache was from when we visited Aunt Steph's house. Steph always gives them a huge glass of Crystal Light when we visit, we just hadn't cleaned her up yet.)

(All better! She had to have them in for a week. I took her after church today to get them out. They put the stitches in a blue cup for her to take home. This was the highlight of her day.)


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Oh my gosh! What a crazy deja vous post! My oldest ran smack into the corner of the wall and had to get stitches on a Sunday. I wonder if it was the same Instacare you went to. I'm glad she's ok. Those wall corners can be wicked on little foreheads.

Crustacean Queen said...

Hey Shannon, it's Rhoda from the ward, well nursery to be exact! Found your blog through facebook, hope you don't mind, I'm a blog addict! I just wanted to tell you how much I love the 4th pictures could send that into hallmark for sure! Breaks your heart but at the same time, SO CUTE! Anyway I was just reading over your last few posts and you made me feel very grateful for my visit to the teacher and nurse every stuff is easy compared to yours. Still it's nice to know that someone understands the scare of sending a child to school who has a life threating condition. My oldest son Josh has had to make 3 ER visit's and one of them via an ambulance because of his food allergies. Two of those because someone (in his church class, and at scouts) didn't realize he can't be around peanuts. This last trip in the ambulace was because of transfer from a kid eating candy and Josh accidently rubbed it into his eye. So yeah, all the PB&J at school is terrifing to me! I just send him off to school, educated as best I can teach him and say a prayer in my heart that everything will be okay! Once we teach the kids in his class about it, they always have his back and are always looking out for him. It's been great. I'm sure everything will work out in time! (sorry about the novel...I usually don't leave long comments!) ☺

phonelady said...

Oh wow so sorry that the little woman did this . Man that must have owied big time thank god her daddy was there huh ?