Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Grade

The Princess started the 1st grade on Aug. 27. Why start on a Friday, and a short day at that, I will never know. She was so excited though! I was scared to death. Diabetes played nice, but I was there every few hours testing her and making sure everyone knew what was going on.

Her teacher seems really nice. Her name is Mrs. Tapia. She has never had a diabetic in her class, but she seems so willing to learn and to help out. I really like her, so does the Princess. There are also 5 other kids from our neighborhood in that class to so she already feels like she has friends.

Dude started school the day before her so he was excited to show her around a bit. He was really excited to see us at lunch. He came over and gave us a big hug.

I only got one phone call from her asking if she could have the snack that the class was having. She hadn't tested or anything and the school didn't really know what to do. We got it worked out, but I am praying that if parents are going to bring snacks it is something healthy. I really hate it when she feels left out!

Over all the first day went great! She was excited to go back. Hopefully today goes ok. I want to try to give the school a little space in figuring everything out. I will be there at lunch though! I still can't let that one go. Maybe after a few days of seeing how things go I can step back a little.
Princess you are a bright little girl. You have a smile that shines. I have no doubt that this year will be great, but please don't forget that when you start to feel alone in this big world, that your mom and dad are always right by your side. I love you little lady! Good luck this year!


Becky said...

Last year there was a girl in BuhBuh's class who had a TON of different they kept a stash of her "own" snacks in the classroom. Then whenever there was something she couldn't have she would go to her stash and get something. Are there any "healthy" snacks that would be shelf stable to keep at school for her like that???

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Becky's idea is a great one. I was wondering if she couldn't just test and bolus for the carbs in the unhealthy snack. That's the best part of the pump - it allows diabetics to fit in so much easier.

Speaking from my own elementary school experience as a diabetic, I got so sick of teachers giving me pencils and pencil boxes and I got so sick of kids saying, "Oh you can't have that. I'll eat it for you." Talk to the endo and see what you can do to help her be as normal as possible.