Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Grade

My handsome Dude started 2nd grade on Aug. 26th. Man this summer went by fast! He was a little nervous to start school. He had so many friends in our old neighborhood and loved his old school he wasn't too happy about switching. It is so hard to see your kids go through feelings like that, but he is a good kid and a fun person to be around so I am sure he will make more friends in no time.
He lost his two from teeth in the last few weeks. He looks like I did when I was his age, but I was missing my 4 front teeth for several years. I just loved this picture of him.

He gets to ride the school bus every day, which is new to him. I actually think that this was the highlight of his day.

He is now going to the same school that I went to elementary school at. He teacher is Mrs. Diamond. Now she is an older teacher, but I don't think that she was there when I was. It is crazy taking my kids there now and remembering all the things I do from school. It actually makes me feel really old.
I really hope this year turns out good for him. With all the changes that have been happening lately he has been the one that has struggled the most. All I want is for him to be happy, healthy, and to be smart. He has the potential for all those things, I just get to teach him to take it one step at a time, and to find happiness in everything.
Good Luck Little Dude. You are growing up way too fast. Just remember as you walk out the door each day that no matter what your mommy loves you!

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Reyna said...

GOOD LUCK Little Dude!!! We are in VT wishing you a most fantastic school year. Shannon, I didn't realize he and Joe are the same age. I am still waiting for Joe to lose his top two teeth...:(