Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock the Walk

I wanted to document the JDRF walk this year. I didn't get a ton a pictures because I just handed my hubby the camera and told him to take what he could. Since I was running all over the place he kinda had his hands full with the kids. I am grateful that he was such a good sport with everything and he did a great job making the day fun for the kids.

The theme was Rock the Walk. It was at Wheeler Farm on Aug. 21st. I was on the Entertainment Committee with Wendy Cooper and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We had been going to meetings since around May to plan it. We were in charge of getting the bands, the sound equipment, the bounce houses, the slides, the velcro wall, the bungee run, the super soaker course, the rock wall, and other little stuff. It was a big job, but honestly I would do it again in a heart beat!

The kids and I were able to go around to different businesses and talk about our lives with diabetes. This was to help get them excited about the walk and helping with fundraising as well. We started by going to Merit Medical way back in the Spring. They were one of the biggest sponsors of the walk. Because of this the kids were going to help with the ribbon cutting ceremony. We all got to be up there, but the kids were afraid of cutting their fingers on the HUGE scissors.

(Just to add so I can document this we went to Merit Medical, Taco Bell, Discover Card and American Express and talked to all of them about life with diabetes. I also got to be on a 30 min spot on the radio station X96. We feel lucky to have such great opportunities.)

There were over 6000 people at the walk. I feel it was a huge success. (Other than the grass being swamped the night before) Our team raised just over $1000!! I am so happy that we have such great support from family and friends that donated and came to the walk! It was a big deal for us even if it was our 2nd walk.
I can't wait for next year!

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