Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Stinkin' Funny!

I have seen this sign so many times before and I get a big laugh. When I was taking pictures of my nephew today we stopped by the candy store where this sign hangs in the window. Since I had my camera in hand, I just had to take the picture!


FitGeGe said...

There is a FABULOUS coffee place in Winter Park (part of Orlando) called Palmano's and they have this same sign! I thought they made it up.

Love it!

janet said...

Hi Shannon,

I actually have been to your blog before... (linked from the WJHS site) but I couldn't ever find a picture of you. What is your maiden name? Isn't blogging great that way? Anyway.. stop by mine anytime you want. Good luck on your photography. I wish I had the talent (and a nice camera!) Can you believe our 10 year reunion is coming up? Time flies..

Kim said...

Hehehe too funny!

moosh in indy. said...

Don't forget that they'll show your little girl all things princess and you'll be doomed forevermore.

stephanie said...

hey congats on baby #3 I had no idea you had another ! your family is soo cute..thanks for visiting my blog, I just started not so long ago so if you have tips let me know!

Becky-M said...

Hey Shannon
I just got your blog through Steph's. I was so excited to be able to keep in touch with ya. You're little family is so cute. I hope you're loving your new area. We miss you guys.