Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It might seem a little crazy that I wanted to switch back to this blog for all my postings. The fact is this, this blog is my home. This is where I started almost 6 years ago. I was MommyGoingCrazy long before I was a parent of two diabetics. Long before everything in life changed.

Over the past two years I felt like I had lost my purpose to blogging. Every post was more of a rant than anything else. Granted life was pretty difficult. I always go back and reread posts before life seemed to get intensely hard. I miss those times. In the past few year I haven't been able to open myself up completely. Posting every thing was hard, even though this blog is meant to journal our lives. My audience was listening, but I didn't feel I could get that personal. I eventually just stopped all together.

Even though life isn't the same as it used to be I still have a story to tell. I still want to journal our lives. The good and the bad. It is who we are, and what we are learning. There isn't anything wrong with that. People will always have their opinions, but I know more now who I am and why everything has happened the way it has.

Awhile ago someone thought they could get to me. They thought they could post a comment on my blog and destroy what I feeling. I let them get to me. It didn't change and facts about what I knew, but I took it personal. I suddenly realized that there were people out there that are bitter. It got under my skin and I fled. To a different blog where I thought it would be easier. It wasn't.

I am stronger now. I feel I can handle it. I missed what blogging was all about back then, so I decided to come back to my roots. To post like I used to. To open up more, and to share everything. So welcome back friends. I think I am here to stay.


Aubrey said...
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The Piquant Storyteller said...

All you can do is just be you. Don't blog for anyone but yourself and maybe your family. Welcome back!

I had no idea you had such a rough year. I'm so sorry. Like they say in Meet the Robinsons, keep moving forward. You have a great attitude to do just that.