Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It has been so long!

When I first started this blog (seems like it was forever ago) I never thought I would be able to keep up on it. I didn't think that I had anything interesting to say. Then as I went through my days I realized that I actually did have lots to say. I unloaded on here for years. Almost everything that was going on in our lives was documented on here.

Then life got pretty intense. Some things were posted on here and other things were just better left unsaid. As time went on I just stopped posting. I really just felt pathetic. That I didn't have anything to say that was worth saying. Looking back I really wish I would have documented more. In the midst of all the bad there was a lot of good. And now I feel like I am forgetting all that.

So today I wish to start again. To post more often so I can later in life remember the things that are keeping us busy. Remember the times of trials and now that things are getting much much better remember the great times.

So here is my update as of today.

My hubby has spent the last 2 years working hard at following his dream of becoming a police officer. I am so incredibly proud of him for all that he has accomplished. He is an Officer at the local Jail and LOVES LOVES LOVES it! It is evident to us now that this is what he was meant to be. Many things in his life have lead up to him being an officer and it's so fun to be able to connect those dots now. He is a different person, just so happy, now that he has found something that he loves. And I just have to add, the thing they say about a man in uniform is SO true! Man he looks good ;)

Little Dude isn't so little anymore. He is 9 and just finishing up 3rd grade. WOW time really has gone by fast. He is playing basketball at the local Rec. Center and is having so much fun! He is such a smart kid. He loves attention and loves to tease which can really be annoying sometimes but he honestly is pretty funny.He has a personality just like his dad. He loves to help people and be a part of all the action. Every Saturday he follows his dad and/or Grandpa around working on projects. He adores his little cousin Max and LOVES it when he comes over. Thankfully Max loves him back and only wants him when he is around. Even though it's been a rough year for him I really feel he is maturing into an incredible young man. I love spending our nights reading books in bed and the times that he loves to come cuddle next to me. I am really proud of him!

My Princess is also not little anymore. She just turned 8 on Saturday. She is so excited to be baptized in a week and a half. She is prepared and very ready! It will be a fun day. She is doing pretty good in school, it's been a rough year for all of us, but she's learning so much. She's an incredible reader. She lays in bed on her top bunk every night with her lamp on and reads stories to Tyson on the bottom bunk. I have such a hard time when I have to tell her it's too late and to go to sleep. It's just too cute to interrupt. She is taking gymnastics and LOVES it! She is pretty good at it too. I think she is upside down more times than right side up and cartwheels everywhere she goes. I get a kick out of it. She takes incredible care of her diabetes. I am so proud at how far she has come and how I rarely hear her complain about it.

Little Man just turned 5. He is the silliest boy. And moodiest boy I know. He is OBSESSED with anything law enforcement. I kid you not. He can impersonate a cop car and a fire truck like you wouldn't believe. He has an entire fleet of cop cars, firetrucks, and k9 unit cars that he sleeps with every night. He is about to graduate from preschool and move onto kindergarten at the end of the summer. I can't believe it!! Where have the last 5 years gone? Diabetes is a daily struggle with him. He tries and we take great care of it, but the emotional side of it all has been so hard on him. Sneaking food, creaming at site changes, not wanting to test, crying at meals, refusing to eat food. It's hard on him. We have had a breakthrough though when he recently wanted to test his own blood sugar (with a little pushing from mom, we have to practice for when he gets into school). This is HUGE actually. He is still a brave kid and I am still super duper proud of him. He is loves to play with Lego's and can spend hours building things. He loves to ride his bike too, but his favorite thing is to spend time with daddy in whatever he is doing and counts the days down until daddy has a day off. This kid keeps me on my toes but I love being able to spend my days with him.

As for me, I have feel like there is nothing exciting to report. I watch my nephew Max two to three days a week. I love that kid and can't get enough of him. I feel really lucky that I get to spend time with him. All the other days are just filled with regular old mom stuff. It's about to get busy though. I volunteer with the JDRF still and am helping with the Mentoring program, being a mentor, and a family team chair. Then Wendy and I are also co-chairs for the walk entertainment committee. Team Wendy and Shannon can kick some booty and have a pretty dang good time while doing it. :) I still teach the Beehives at church. Best calling ever! I hope they never release me. I miss my hubby since it seems that he is never home. I feel like I am covering as both parents almost all the time. I'm not going to lie, it's hard. We are still adjusting to the whole "shift work life". The kids can go days without seeing their dad. I am still so confident that this is where our family needs to be though. Things are on the upswing for us and the future is exciting.


TravelMama said...

I'm so excited to have you back in the blogging world. We've missed you!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Welcome back Shannon!