Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Been Too Long!

Baby Girl A at 28 weeks

Baby Girl B at 28 weeks

Surprise! Yes, you read that right. No, this is not two pictures of the same baby. We are having twins! They are due on March 14, 2013. I am 29 weeks. They will actually be making their arrival in about 8 weeks or so. Shocked? Yea, so am I!

Remember THIS post from a while back about my IUD being misplaced? Well, little did I know that that was the start of these little girls' journey to this family. There story is nothing short of a miracle. Not quite like most miracles. Let me explain.

Soon after I found out that my IUD was misplaced I had a procedure to have it removed from my fallopian tube. It was lodged inside and also had attached to the uterine wall. The doctor was able to remove it, but I was advised to not have another IUD placed for fear that it could happen again. So I opted for another procedure that was permanent. We were sure that our family was complete. It didn't seem like anyone was missing, and to be honest we really have a lot on our plate and didn't think that we could handle it financially, emotionally, or physically. I had the Essure procedure done. It's where they take a plug and block the inside of the fallopian tubes. Scar tissue then builds up and permanently blocks the tubes. This procedure has more than a 99% success rate. In order to see if it was a success they have you go in for xrays with dye to make sure they are fully blocked. Well, to make a long story short, I had the procedure done, but when the doctor was trying to insert the plug on the side where my IUD was he found the tube was too damaged and full of scar tissue. He was unable to insert the plug but was certain that it was fully blocked anyway. I went in for the xray a few months later and found that the procedure was a success on the one side and that both tubes were fully blocked. I was officially sterile.

As personal as all that information is, it is important in understanding how it really is a miracle that I got pregnant. In July I found out I was pregnant. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I honestly didn't see it coming. When I called the doctor's office to talk to the nurse about it, she was sure it was a false positive. They had me come in for blood work, just to make sure. It couldn't have been more positive. A few days later I was in having an ultrasound to make sure that all was ok with the baby and that everything was ok with what they had done as far as the procedure goes. All was well with both.They saw the baby (just 1) and a heart beat. I found out that I was about 5 weeks along. A few days later I got a phone call from my doctor that they wanted me to come in and have another ultrasound done to get a better image of a good strong heartbeat. I went in, still shocked that I was pregnant. While laying there during the ultrasound I was looking at the screen looking for a good heartbeat. I pointed it out, "Oh look there's the heart! Looks pretty good right." All the tech could say was "Uh Hu." I asked her if everything was ok since she didn't respond much. She then said "Do you see two heart beats, like I see two heart beats? Looks like you're having twins!" If I could have fallen over I would have. I started to cry. I was so shocked! It was so hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I was pregnant. Now I was having twins! It all seemed like a dream...and I had to still tell my hubby.

The shock hasn't worn off. It still seems like a dream, even when I look at my huge belly, even when they don't stop moving. At times it has been a little hard. I hate admitting that especially since one day they might read this. I don't want them  to ever feel like they weren't wanted. But changing my mindset from being done with having kids, and getting rid of ALL our baby stuff, to surprise, your having twins has really been hard.

I have had some pretty incredible moments with it all though. I asked my hubby for a priesthood blessing to get some comfort. I was blessed that my testimony would grow from all this. At the time I couldn't see how, but let me tell you, it has! I feel so lucky to be bringing these girls into the world. I have no doubt that through all the circumstances they are coming to this earth, in this family, at this time to do amazing things! Not many people get tangible proof that there is a God. I get that! Because there really is no other explanation for all this. It's the Lord's plan. Plain and simple. I except it, and I don't think I would have it any other way. These girls are a huge blessing.

So there you have it! The beginning of their story. To answer some questions that I get all the time:

Hayden will be 10 years older than the twins, Brooklyn almost 9 and Tyson almost 6. Big difference, but they will be good helpers.

I am slowly getting things for them. I really didn't have anything, but it's kind of fun to get them stuff.

They are doing great so far, and so am I. Well ok, I'm really uncomfortable. It's been hard, but nothing crazy has happened, and that is good.

They weigh about 2lbs 10oz each right now.

The doctor doesn't want me going past 37 weeks which means they will be here on our around Feb. 21st.

They are pretty sure they are identical. They can't say 100% until after they are born, but they share a placenta, and are both girls, and have a very thin membrane separating them (they are in their own amniotic sacks). These are all indications that they are identical so we are kind of counting on that.

And just for fun, here I am at 28 weeks...


The Piquant Storyteller said...! Shannon! What an amazing story! I have chills. That is so amazing. The Lord is in charge for sure. All three of my kids came exactly when we needed them. And their personalities were exactly what we needed when they came.

The Lord knows what He is doing. These little girls are coming to your family because you need them and they need you. What a beautiful miracle. Congratulations! I will have to email or call you later so we can catch up. Thanks for sharing your incredible story. :)


Tracy said...

congratulations to you guys! We are very excited for you!

Kelly said...

Whhhaaaaattttt!!??? OH MY GOODNESS!! Congrats, and I know everything happens for a reason! ((HUGS))