Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here I am!

It has been forever since I have posted. I actually haven't been all that busy, I just haven't known what to write. So today, I am just going to post random things.

My little dude's soccer games are over. I am really proud of him, and happy that he had so much fun. I will post pictures soon I promise. He did get a little trophy that he sleeps with every night. Silly kid. He started swimming lessons the other day, and LOVES it! He wants to go everyday!

My little lady has been more sassy than ever. She is living up to every moment of being two. She loves to be barefoot and playing outside. She loves dirt, being naked and anything sticky. Not always at the same time, but it has happened before. She can't stay clean for longer than about 20 minutes. I asked her tonight after her bath if she likes to be clean or dirty. She quickly said dirty! Not a surprise. We have broken her of the binky and we are so proud of her. It has been more than a month, and she is doing great! She doesn't even ask for it anymore! After we get back from Mexico we will start potty training her. She is so ready when she tells me every time that she goes, and I even catch her sitting on the potty all by herself. Oh have I mentioned that she is VERY independent? Yea, she thinks she will be well on her way to getting a job and moving out at the age of 5.

We have been working really hard in the yard. It is now all done. We put a patio in front of the pond so we can sit out there and enjoy it! It looks really nice, and kudos to the husband for his hard work and really long hours.

Speaking of the husband, he has been asked to apply for a position at work that will be giving him a promotion. I am very proud of him. He works hard, and deserves it! It isn't a guarantee so I hope that he gets the job. No more working on Saturdays, and LOTS more money!

As for me, I am on cloud nine tonight. I went on a photo shoot today, that was lots of fun, and the pictures turned out awesome! It was a great location and I got to use the insane new lens! (I love that thing!) I am also getting very excited for my trip to Mexico. Only a few more weeks! It will be a blast, and I really can't wait!

Well that is what is going on with all of us! I hope that I didn't bore all of you! I promise a good post coming up. I have been working on a list of silly things that my kids say part 2! I wonder where they get some of these things!


Valerie said...

it's my first time visiting you but I will be back when I am not rushing off to work. Thanks for the spot in your blogroll. I hope your DH gets the promotion!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you're back! Sounds like things are going well. I hope your husband gets the promotion. I'm enjoying being at chase so far!!

Have a good day!

Katkat said...

I'm limiting myself to posting once a week so i'm sorta around again...darn you internet and your addictive ways!!