Friday, June 23, 2006

Girls. Girls. Girls. oh and two more Girls

I hosted a baby shower at my house last night. It was for a friend that already has two girls, but she is having twins, girls. Lots of girls. It was really fun, we had about 20 ladies come so it was really nice to sit outside and visit.

Hosting anything really makes me tired. There is always so much to do. You wouldn't believe what I can get done in a short amount of time though. In one hour, I vacuumed my floors, swept and mopped my floors, did a load of dishes, put out balloons, got dressed, put make up on, did my hair, set out chairs, wrapped a gift, and made rice crispy treats. It was a lot of work but really worth it! I told my husband that I am so tired that I am going to do nothing today. So he better not complain if he comes home and I am still in my pj's sitting on the couch.

In other news, my little dude is doing awesome in his swimming lessons. I found out that he gets to move onto the next class. This is great since he had to repeat his last class. He is so full of energy and always wants to be outside. Which is fine with me. Anything to not have him run a muck inside.

My little princess is really jealous that she isn't in swimming lessons, but loves to go and watch. She loves to play outside too, but she gets more dirty than her brother. I think the she just likes the bath. One thing about her lately is that she has been learning how to sing more songs. She was singing at the store the other day and some lady stopped just to tell her she was singing a beautiful song. It was really funny. She can sing her ABC's really well though.

My husband has been working really hard. At work and at home. He is always busy, but has a little helper everywhere he goes. Little Dude love to be like daddy and do what daddy does. We are trying to find time to go camping so that we can have some more fun family time. He has worked really hard in the yard to make is as beautiful as it is, and we got a lot of compliments on it last night! Thanks for all your hard work hubby!

With me I am trying to figure out if I want and can afford a new camera. I don't mind the one that I have, but I have really been wanting a Canon 30D lately. I love the pictures that I have taken with it, I think that it works better for the way that I take pictures. It is about double of what my camera is worth though. It is a big investment, but I think that it will take my talent to a new level. We will have to see though.

And for the birds, (I just have to add this because I think that it is funny) As some of you may or may not know, I have two birds. Pavo, which mean turkey in Spanish, and Pollo, which means chicken in Spanish. Yes our birds are called chicken and turkey. They have been put through a lot in the past. But I think that the kids are trying to make up for it. The other day I found that one of the kids had tried to feed them a chicken nugget. Every time I think that someone is trying to feed my bird Chicken, chicken it makes me laugh. Is it wrong to feed a chicken chicken? Ha Ha Ha (dumb story, but really I think that it is funny!)


mommygoingcrazy said...

I just realized that the name of this post could possibly atract creepy people on the internet.

If you are one of those creepy people keep on walkin'! There will be none of that here! :)

Muncey said...

You can just give me that old beat up piece of junk camera that you currently have.

I'll just take it off of your hands and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

trisha said...

good for little dude and his swimming lessons! yeah- i too am wanting an upgrade on my camera already!

My Kids Mom said...

You take beautiful pictures. Your children are so darned cute and so very photogenic. These photo's will be the great memories that their childhood is made of. They will adore looking at these when they get older and you'll laugh and cry over them all through the years. You are a wonderful mommy and your children will be successful in most anything they attempt. Any for those things they aren't successful at, they'll have you to comfort and hold them, even when they are older. Keep up the great things that you do! I look forward to seeing more of your pics. By the way, your trip to Mexico looked lovely. I'm glad you two got away for some R&R, you deserved it!