Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where I am From

Thanks to 8 hours for the tip on this writing exercise. Everyone should try it. I caught myself thinking about things and people that I haven't thought of in a long time.

Where I am From.

I am from 5 cent slot machine, from Ironport and Cherry and Macintosh.
I am from Fruit trees in the back yard. Family snowmobiling trips and the smell of Sunday dinner

I am from the home grown pumpkins, wild roses and tulips in the front yard.

I am from singing “Tiny Angels” on Christmas eve and faithful and unwavering, from Aunt Clarece and two Uncle Rogers and Eckersell.

I am from the making meals for everyone and tickle attacks.

From remember who you are and your family is more important than your friends.

I am from Faithful Mormon falling away, then finding myself again.

I'm from West Jordan and Rigby, Omelets and corned beef hash.

From the Senator and Mortician that lived in a Funeral Home, the owning and fling an airplane, the married for over 60 years.

I am from the old boxes in my parents basement that look and smell old but make me very proud every time I see them.


Katkat said...

Very cool. I'll have to try that one.

Becca said...

This is cool! I'm going to use it at our family reunion. It'll be great to put down some memories from everyone and their different perspectives. I spent some time writing mine. It's satisfying to read and fun to share. Thanks for sharing with me!!!