Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The 4th of July!

I hope that all of you had a fun, happy, sunny 4th of July! Our day was pretty good, but it rained for most of the day. So here is how we spent our afternoon.

The evening was great! We went to some friend's house and had a little BBQ in the rainy weather. Then played some really fun games inside. We were planing on going to see a firework show that was close by, but it was still raining. So we bought some to light at our friends house. The kids had a great time, and so did we.

My memories of the 4th of July have always been playing in the back yard while hamburgers cook on the grill, or of going to our cabin. Watching parades then going to the park for fireworks. I don't remember one time that it rained. For my kids sake (and the fact that it was fun) I hope that my kids remember the time that it poured rain all afternoon and mom and dad took them outside to dance and play in the puddles.


Becca said...

"Feel the rain on your face!" Sounds like your independence day was wonderful. I love the pictures.

MommyOutOfControl said...

Loving the pictures...I just put some up too. What a great legacy for your kids...Do you remember when?

Suzanne said...

that is so fun!! We played in the rain a little too!

You are a good mommy!!