Saturday, July 08, 2006

Growing up

I don't remember ever really liking pink when I was younger. I don't remember wearing dresses except for on Sunday's but I hated it. When I went on my first date I had no makeup on and I wore a long t-shirt with really baggy pants. Not to mention the dog chain that I wore around my neck. When my mom and I shopped for my wedding dress I was looking for something that didn't have any bows, ruffles, flowers, lace, and heaven forbid if it "puffed" anywhere. One lady that was trying to help us even asked my mom if she ever put a bow in my hair because I was looking for something "not girly". My mom kindly said "no, because she never liked them." She is right! I have never really liked anything girly.

As I get older though, I find myself needing to look "girly" and wearing makeup, and even doing my hair. I do have pink in my wardrobe and I wear it often. I feel beautiful, like a woman. I even regret not taking better care of myself while growing up. I guess this is all about getting older and finding the real me. Not the "me" that thinks wearing baggy clothes and chains is the perfect way to express yourself. ( What does that even express??? Hummm?)

In the last 8 years I have been a little more open to trying new "girly" things. I feel that I have come a long way. No more chains, baggy clothes, I own a few pink shirts, and I even wear dresses. Some times even when I don't have to. There was one venture that I was a little scared to take. One that I have stayed clear of my entire life. Until last night. I would like to announce to the world (and those that know me best, because they will laugh) that I have now entered the "girly" world that I have been avoiding most of my life. Last night I bought my first pair of High Heel Shoes! Yes, I know, a really big step! (Ha! Ha! No pun intended!)

The best part about this experience isn't that they are extremely cute, or that I am finally a woman. It is the comment that my little dude said to me last night. I was trying to practice walking in them so if I was going to break my ankle it wasn't going to be in public! While pacing around the house I hear my 3 year old son say "See mommy, you CAN do it!" He is the best isn't he?

So congratulations to me for finally being a women and wanting to be girly!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "ugly side of the closet."

mommygoingcrazy said...

Thanks Sis! You can borrow my clothes from my ALL ugly closet now! And hey, can I borrow from your ugly closet now too?

Funny that I didn't remember that until I talked to you.

Anonymous said...

My "ugly closet" is your "ugly closet."

manababies said...

Hehe, I am the same way! Although I do think having my mom here has been the major influence. I don't accessorize enough, though, but there is nothing fun about having dangly earrings and other baubles pulled constantly.

trisha said...

yeah......join the rest of us girl!!!!!!!

Katkat said...

I just started wearing make-up last year. I love my purses can't get enough but I haven't gotten into the shoes part of girlness yet.

Suzanne said...

I'm so proud of you!!

my family says that I wear too much black - don't see that changing anytime soon!!

Have fun feeling girly!!

Your boy is so sweet!