Monday, July 17, 2006

Doomed from Daybreak

We actually got off the couch today. It was the hottest day all year and I decide to actually try and get my house clean. Well, I put in a good effort anyway. If I didn't have to stop to get the stuck Geo Trax out of my little princess' hair, then to stop and see why the kids were covered in black ashes (it was from the fire pit in the back yard. They had it ALL over the place) Then I had to fix the broken window covering that my little princess broke. But wait that isn't it. After being covered in ash my little princess decides that she needed to get cleaned up. So she heads to her room and takes everything off! Including her diaper. The next thing I know little dude is yelling "MOM SHE PEED ON THE CARPET!" So I cleaned that up, and put her in her second bath of the day. Got her all cleaned up then a few hours later she dumped a pickle jar that was full of water (my son is trying to make his grow creatures grow) all over her clean clothes and all over the floor. My house would be really clean if it weren't for all the interruptions. I am not sure who had a worse day, her or me?

Somehow, I knew that when I caught a glimpse of the sun rising up over the mountains this morning, it was going to be the best my day was going to get. Too bad it was at 6:00 AM!

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


suburban mom said...

Tomorrow will be better.
We're boiling here and totally bored. ;)

trisha said...

oh,,, i too am so tired of this heat~~! not too bored though as I have had ALOT going on in this last week to last a while and only more to come too!

Katkat said...

I feel for you, its hot here but I don't want to think about how awful it is out there for you guys!
Hopefully tommorow will bring coll breezes for you.