Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just a few thoughts

About a month ago I posted these pictures of my kids playing in the pool with their cousins. I got a really funny message from Silly Hilly "It's so funny to see those b/c when I think of Utah, I think of snooooow! Beautiful, white snow. :-)" She is right, Utah is known for all the awesome snow, but in the summer I remember that we are living in the desert. It doesn't usually get over 100, but the last few days it has been 102 or more. YUCK! It makes it really hard to do anything! My house is a mess because the last thing that I want to do is clean when it is freaking hot. I don't want to take the kids outside because it is too hot. I don't want to cook, so we have been eating nothing but junk. I feel that as a mother I have been really lazy. The kids have noticed, they have been SO bad. So if anyone has any fun summer activities please give me ideas! We can use them around here! The TV needs a rest.

Friday night we did take the kids camping for the night. It was really fun. We went with some people from our church. It was a really fun time. We even took the kids on a hike. They thought it was great, and they were so tired after that it made for a nice little break when they took a long nap.

In other news, my husband's great-grandma passed away. I know that she was really old, but I have some funny memories of her. She will be missed. We will be heading to Idaho next week for the funeral. We were planning on going anyway for a little vacation to the ranch. So I will be happy to be able to make it over to say good bye before she is buried, and have a little fun there too.

Well, we are heading off to some friend's house for a BBQ. I hope you all enjoy for extra hot Sunday!

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