Friday, June 01, 2007

I have been tagged!

I know, I know! It has been FOREVER since I have been in the blogging world. The kids are keeping me pretty busy! (More on that later.) When I was able to get on the computer yesterday I noticed that my dear friend mommyoffour had tagged me to write 8 things about me that are odd or unknown. I spent all night thinking about it and here is my list.

#1 Some people know this about me, some don't. I really, really, really like to play poker. I love to watch it on tv and I love the poker nights that we have with our friends. I don't play for money, we just have a poker chip set and we play until someone wins. For the record, I don't like to gamble, I just like the game.

#2 When I was in High School I really wanted to be radio DJ. So I applied to be an intern at a local radio station. I got the internship and worked for them the entire 3 years of high school. I have some pretty great memories of working for them. I got asked out on a date by the lead singer for 7 Mary 3. I hung out with 80's rocker band Queensryce for 3 days. I even have a shoe box full of concert ticket stubs. It was a great experience working for them.

#3 When I am hanging up the clean clothes I have a strange talent for picking out the exact number of hangers I need without having to count. I actually shock myself every time.

#4 When I was little I was hanging my head out the car window and hit my front teeth on the window. My teeth fell out and I was missing my 4 front teeth for about 3 years.

#5 When I am cleaning the house I always turn my ipod onto Johnny Cash. I sing really loud while I clean and the kids dance all over the house too. Despite all the rock and roll that I have been known to listen too over the years, Johnny Cash is my favorite artist to listen to.

#6 I am obsessive about the phone. I can't just let the phone ring without answering it. I want to know who is calling and what they wanted if my hubby answers the phone. As soon as I walk in the door I check my messages and the caller ID.

#7 I love to shop at Kohl's. This is my favorite store. Every time I go in I can find a cart full of things to buy. I would even consider this an addiction (I think that my hubby would be willing to vouch for that too). My entire wardrobe is from there and so is my hubby's and my kids.

#8 I hate scrap booking. I gave it a good, honest try but I am really bad at it. For that I hate it. I would much rather put the pictures in a picture album. I like arts and crafts, but I can't scrapbook to save my life.

Well there you have it. Hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me writing it. Now I guess I need to tag 8 of my blogger friends but I can only think of 5 that haven't done it already.

wonder woman
alison in wonderland
Suzanne from Happy Chaos
Gretchen from Party of Four


Gretchen said...

Oh this is going to be fun! Thanks for tagging me!

Loved your list...the radio DJ job sounds like a great experience, every teenager on the planet would have died for a job like that! And I would not have taken you for a poker player! That is hysterical.

OK I will work on my list today and get it posted.

Katkat said...

lol I try to scrapbook and i'm even crafty but I find it annoying.
I'll have mine up mon. Thanks for the tag.

gini-k said...

Oh it makes me feel so much better that you hate to scrapbook. I haven't done much since marriage and feel guilt all the time. THANK YOU for easing my stress ;)

Aubrey said...

That is too funny, I have the same obsesion of checking the phone also. I always wonder why I do it.

alisonwonderland said...

i'm not ignoring this tag - just so you know! i'll get to it asap!

mommyoffour said...

So fun to read about you! I am with you on the phone thing!! I even tend to call from my cell phone to check messages (if I have been away from home for several hours) and I am always checking the caller ID when I walk in the door! The silly things that we do!