Monday, June 04, 2007

Someone upstairs trusts me.

I have SO many pictures and stories to post, but I need to find time time get to it. But I did want to sit down and post this thought.

Yesterday at church I received a new calling. I am not the Young Woman's Secretary. I am so excited! I love serving the Young Women, but I would like to direct you to a post that I wrote a few months ago after this 16 year old girl's brother committed suicide. I expressed feelings of being able relate to these girls or not. They are faced with some pretty serious challenges and I fear that I just can' t relate and feel how they are feeling and maybe miss an opportunity to help.

I feel today that someone upstairs must really trust that I can handle this new calling and that somehow I can find a way to connect with them. They are in a very delicate time in their lives and this is the time that anyone can make one small difference. I have been trusted to help them to feel the spirit and be there for them.

My goal is to just try my hardest to help them in any way that I can,. Even if I don't know how they feel, I can help turn their hearts and thoughts to a man that if he can trust me, then he can help anyone.


Katkat said...

God knows were we need to be. So were is your new calling?

mommygoingcrazy said...

Sorry, I meant to type I am now the new YW Secretary. Not I am not the YW Secretary. Oops!

RaeLynn said...

Hi there! I was the one who started up the WJ blog, so I would love to get your info. I'm keeping it all on an excel spreadsheet so that we can contact people for the reunion! If you have other friends who graduated in '98, that would be interested in joining the blog, PLEASE let me can email me their email addresses. ( and I will invite them to the WJHS blog. By the way, I LOVE your blog. You are very computer savvy, and it shows. Good to see I'm not the only Mommy going crazy! :)

alisonwonderland said...

congratulations on your new calling! you'll be great! these young women (and i have one of them in my house!) really need good role models and intelligent, caring audlt women in their lives.