Friday, August 31, 2007

Breaking the Addiction

My name is Mommy Going Crazy, and I am addicted to shopping at Kohl's. I realize this addiction, and I am currently working on breaking it. It has been 1 month since I have purchased anything at Kohl's. Be proud, VERY proud. This means that in the last 3 years or so since there has been a Kohl's here in Salt Lake that the longest I have ever gone without shopping there is one month.

I have one problem though. In exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes it is the beginning of a new month. I have a gift card for Kohl's that is burning a hole in my wallet. My hubby needs new work shoes, my niece is having a birthday on Sunday, and I am having withdraws! I have been holding off for days just to say that I went one month, but I am dying to go. So what do I do?

Tomorrow we will have to see if I have any will power at all. Wish me luck!


Sam, Sam & Hollie said...

Are you kidding? Go SPEND it! :O) And enjoy every minute.

Katkat said...

LOL I am that why about Micheal's craft store.

Kim said...

I love Khol's...seriously one of the best stores around!

Shannon said...

I have NO will power at all! I went and spent way too much money, but boy was I happy! Now because of Kohl's cash, I have $40 that I get to go spend this week! What fun!