Thursday, May 03, 2012


You know that saying when you pray for patience you will be given opportunities to have patience? Well I have had many opportunities in life where I am forced to learn patience but NOTHING like waiting for my hubby to get hired on at a police department.

So here's the deal. My hubby made this goal 2 years ago to become a police officer. At the time it sorta seemed to have come out of no where. But he had the opportunity in life to pick what direction to do and this is the one he choose because it was something he always wanted to do. He sponsored himself through the academy, finished his degree in law enforcement, and was the intern for the academy all while he was testing at different departments. I lost count a LONG time ago with how many times he has tested. The process, in case you don't know, goes like this:

The department posts that they are hiring.

You fill out a huge application and deliver to the department.

The department will invite you to come do a physical fitness test and sometimes they throw in a report writing scenario.

You show up and work your tail off.

Then you wait to hear if you have been invited back for an interview.

If you are lucky to have an interview they will then rank you on how well you did and how many preference points you get for things like being in the military, being LEO certified, having a collage degree, etc. Then they will rank you on a list and are given a number.

That number will determine what happens next. For example if they are hiring 5 people they will usually take the top 10 people to do background checks on. WHICH CAN TAKE FOREVER. Trevor has been through this stage 5 times.

If you make it through the background check and are one of the top ones on the list still (after people get eliminated from bad background checks) they will then send you to do a polygraph test.

Then they will have you interview once more with the Chief or with a background board. Or both.

Then if you get through all that they will give you a job.

It may be 5 months later by this point so maybe you can see why I have been thrown into learning patience? It took FOREVER to get hired on the Jail.One department he tested for a YEAR ago just completed his background. It had been so long they made him test again for the job.

He loves working for the jail and it has been so good for him. It has taught him so much. We can see why he needed to start out his career there. But he wants to be out on the road.

With all that said (bored yet?) here is a little update with where he stands right now. Still working at the jail, but there are 3. Yes 3 departments doing background checks on him. This process is so stressful. It seems so close but just not there yet. You know? I'm trying not to get excited, but how can you not when it is THAT close.

I came home from a field trip today to find out that one of the departments had been here in the circle talking to all of my neighbors about my hubby. This makes me even more excited. They have done this before but this department feels different. I even know a timeline of when they want to do things yet I still find myself being impatient. I just want it for him so badly.

I'm thinking that maybe this is my final test in being patient. Then hopefully by the end of next month he will have 3 departments knocking on his door to hire him. Wherever he ends up they will be lucky to have such an amazing man working for them. He was born to do this, I just can't wait for him to actually do it!

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The Piquant Storyteller said...

Good luck to you and your family. Waiting and being patient are my weak points as well. That's quite the process he has had to endure. The Lord is in charge. Everything will work out.