Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maybe it's a sign that he will grow up to fight fires.

Little dude has always loved trucks. He can pick out any kind of truck driving down the street. A flatbed truck, a dumper tuck, a garbage truck, a box truck, a cement truck and even a fire truck. The fire truck is his favorite. He gets so excited when he sees them, even more so when they have their lights on. For awhile I just thought that he was just a typical boy that loved trucks. Now I am not so sure that he is typical.

A few months ago I was getting ready to go somewhere. I told the kids that they needed to get their shoes on and after I brushed my teeth we would be leaving. In just a few minutes time when I was ready to go I couldn't find the kids. I looked everywhere! All over the house, even outside. I started to panic and started to walk down the street to see if they had walked down the street. Nothing. When I started to really worry, I heard princess giggle. I looked around and couldn't see her. Then I looked in my jeep and there they were, hiding in the jeep. I was mad at them because of the danger of playing in the car, it was a hot day. I opened the door to get them out and princess said that my little dude peed in the car. I looked at him and asked him if he had. He first lied and said no. Then I looked around. He had fire hosed the entire back seat of my jeep. It was EVERYWHERE! It looked like he had tried to put out a fire. It was on the floor, and the back seat, on the front seat, it was in the car seat, on the doors, and even in the cup holders. I WAS SO MAD! To say the least! I asked him again and he said that he needed to go and couldn't get out the door. Let's just say that there was a lot of anger on my part and a whole lot of explaining why it is isn't ok to play in the car and even more so why it isn't ok to pee in the car.

That was the first time he had practiced being a fireman. The other day was a little different, but still fits right in. Someone was coming to look at our house so I thought that I would take the kids to McDonalds to play. While there I was watching the kids play and kind of watching the other kids there too. (I love to people watch) There was this young boy that walked over to the door and started playing with it. Well this isn't just a door. It is an emergency door with the fire alarm on it. The more he played with it the more I was sure that he was going to pull it. I was looking at his mom like "you better keep an eye on your kid he is going to pull that fire alarm." Well his mom did come and get him away from the door so back to watching my own kids I go. Little dude came up to me to tell me that he was having fun. He talked for a second then went "Oh huh!" and turned and walked away. I saw where he was going and tried to jump up and grab him, but I was too late. He had pulled the fire alarm and it was ringing just as loud as can be. I WAS FUMING! I was also really embarrassed! It scared every little kid in there. They were all crying and running to their parents. And of course all the parents were looking at me with disgust, and think that I need to watch my own kids. We left before it was turned off. We had a long talk all the way home.

So I have a feeling that he might be a fireman when he grows up. Or maybe it is just that he likes to push buttons. He pushed the teller's panic police button at the bank once. He pulls fire alarms and pushes my buttons on a daily basis. Who knows. Either way this kid can get into some trouble.

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Very pretty new format!! Love the red! Would you say it's fire engine red? hahaha