Tuesday, October 17, 2006


In the last few months there has been an on going debate about what Vaseline is actually used for. We bought some a few years ago when my son was born. There was one purpose for buying it and that was because we were told to put it on his circumcision so it wouldn't stick to his diaper. I have a hard time believing that it is produced and sold for that reason alone, but that is all that it has ever been used for at our house. We have talked about it many times in the last few months because I have this huge bottle of it just sitting there, taking up space.

On the jar it says that it is actually used for a protectant against skin irritations and that it is good for a diaper rash. Hummm, I never knew that. Sounds like a good use I guess, but isn't that what Desitin and stuff is for. It also talks about it being used on chapped skin. Well I have lotion for that, I have used it as a last resort for chap stick. I still prefer the actual chap stick though. The last thing that it says that it is for is for lubricant. Well, honestly, never have had a need for that here either. So needless to say it is useless at our house.

Until tonight. My kids found a reason that it can be used. Such a good one in their eyes that they used up almost the entire jar. Now I bet you are thinking that it is a pretty good use if it takes up almost an entire jar in one night, right? Well, did you know that while in the bath it makes you water proof? Yea, guess it goes. It also makes the bath tub walls shower proof too, and the toilet and the floor and the walls. Yup you can splash all the water you want on it and the water just runs off! Pretty neat I guess until mom comes in and ruins all the fun. Who would have thought!

Just a note for moms, it makes the skin nice and soft, the toilet nice and greasy, the walls nice and sticky and the floor nice and slippery!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! That's SO FUNNY!!! My sister and I found out even more fun uses for Vaseline when we were about your kids' ages. We found out that it makes everything look new and shiney! You can repaint walls, doors, door knobs, and even the carpet with this miracle product! Special Bonus feature: some tubs of vasaline are so big that if you're just the right age & size, you can stick your whole foot in that tub! It's much easier to cover every inch of carpet when you have your feet helping out!

Katkat said...

LOL! I bet your bathroom shines!

s@m said...

LMAO!! Oh wow!!

Note to self: get rid of the vasoline.

alisonwonderland said...

i'm glad my kids have never (yet) thought of that use since we always have vaseline around!

we all have really dry skin, so sometimes the chapstick and lotion just don't cut it. vaseline really helps with dry, cracked feet if you rub it on liberally and then put socks on. my 10-year-old did that just this week, and she said it helped a lot. it's great for really chapped lips too.

the funny thing is the last time i went to buy some vaseline, i was at Target and i couldn't find it anywhere, so finally i asked, and they said "over on the baby aisle" - so i guess they were thinking only baby uses!