Thursday, December 21, 2006


Eight years ago I started a new job that was in a way representing a new life for me. Unfortunately I hated it the first day. My mom convinced me that I should give it a few more days before I decided that I was going to leave. So I went back expecting the same thing as the first day. Little did I know that the man that I was going to marry was starting his new job that day in the office around the corner. For months we flirted, but every time he asked me out I would tell him no. For some reason I was a little scared. I really thought that he was out of my league. On December 9, 1998 we had our first date. It only took a few weeks and we knew that we were going to be together forever. We were later married on February 25, 2000.

With that short history said I want to express my love and my gratitude for my hubby and for all that he has done for me! He truly is an amazing person and has given me so much. I love him very much and I am very blessed to have him as my best friend, my hubby, and the father of my children. Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you!

P.S. 30 just sounds old, but you really aren't that old! Teasing you is just too fun!


Muncey said...

Yes, Happy Birthday!

30 isn't old at all!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes it is!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

yes it is old and I feel like I am about 90.