Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No Santa this year!

I am pretty sure that there are many kids out there that have done this, and I am quite sure that their parents were just as mad as we were. I really hoped that it would never happen to us. It is very dissapointing!

So by the raise of hands, how many of you have had your kids find, open AND play with all their Christmas presents before Christmas?

I guess when I was little my mom and dad had planned a Christmas party that the entire family was invited to. They had all sent their presents early and they were all under our Christmas tree. My mom was cleaning and I got a little nosy. I guess that I opened ALL the gifts all by myself. From what I hear it was a really big mess! My mom was stuck on the phone with everyone trying to find out what they had been giving everyone so she could rewrap them. If you ask her, her resonse to me is that turn around is fair play.

I had all of my shopping done for the kids and I was very excited with what I had bought. I had a few problems with what I was going to buy for little dude, but when I decided on what to get him I was very excited! While staying at my parents house I thought that I had limited places to hide all their gifts. Well while we were having a family birthday party my little dude, princess and my neice found where I had hid them. When I saw the kids they had opened boxes, packages, everything! They were having a blast playing with them. I was SO MAD!

So now what do you say to a 3 year old and a 2 year old after they had just found the gifts that Santa was going to bring them? Well, I am not sure what we said was the smartest thing, but we told them that they were for someone else. We explained that Santa might not come now because they had been so bad. If they want him to come they need to write him a letter telling him that they were sorry and they will try really hard to be good. If they liked the toys that they saw they need to ask Santa for them.

I was sad because it took all the fun out of it for me. I wanted to be there when they saw all their cool new toys. I guess I should have known that this was going to happen some day. Turn around really is fair play.


EngineeringNerd said...

Ouch! That totally sucks. My brother and I found our Christmas presents one year but we didn't dare open them! We didn't even touch them! We just looked. I have no idea how old we were but neither of us believed in Santa anymore. Anyway, that is all pretty funny.

Christal said...

Okay, when I was about 13 I was a cheerleader. I wanted new Poms sooooooo soooo bad and one day I was home with my younger sister and we were doing chores. Some of our laundry had gotten mixed with mom and dads ( moms socks) so we went to put it on their bed. That was all UNTIL there in the corner was a HUGE bag of unopened gifts for my sister and I.... There were roller skates for us both and makeup for me and POMS!!!! ( sister got some too) Anyway here we were roller skating upstairs up and down the hallway and saying cheers with our pom poms.... Guess who showed up?? MOM and she was MAD!!!! Said the gifts were going back to the store. She bagged EVERYTHING up and left to the store when my dad got home. We were so upset. On christmas their was NOTHING!!! She made us wait til NEW YEARS EVE to get the gifts. To this day she says it taught us but she also thinks it was a extreme punishment and regrets it. I would be so upset and have been when kids have found things. Usually it is hubby that finds the gifts. (STINKER)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about my kids, but I did it. (was I spose to say that) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I think you did the right thing. I'm so bad, I letmy son open his gifts from other people when he gets them. One year my brother and I found our gifts.
My mom took then back and got new gifts!

Courtney said...

my sister use to play with them every year! Finally, my mom figured it out one year when my sister locked herself in the closet. My mom cried and cried.

They are so little, hopefully they will forget. Maybe you could hold on to some of them for a birthday and give them something else.