Sunday, December 03, 2006


My mother has the really beautiful Christmas statue up on her mantle. It is of the Christ Child sitting in Mary's lap, while Joseph is holding a lantern and hovering over the two of them. I had briefly explained it to my little dude the other day when my mother first put it out. Last night while trying to calm him down before bed he wispered to me "Mommy, that is Baby Jesus and that is Joseph holding the light." I asked him who it holding Baby Jesus. "Mary" he said proudly. Then he sat staring at it for a few minutes then looked at me again and said "Maybe we should name our new baby Joseph."

What a moment it was for me to realize that at least something that I have said to him actually has sunk in. Even more than that though to realize the importance of it and give and actual suggestion to what we should name the baby. I was so proud of him, that it almost makes all of his tantrums seem not so bad.

While thinking about this today it has made me reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. While Santa is fun, and exciting, the events that took place so long ago in Bethleham changed the world. Our Savior was born on the earth to teach and guide us, to suffer of our sins, and then to die for us. How can Santa be more great than that? I hope that while the month goes on that I will be able to reflect more on the Birth of my Savior than on Santa. I pray that my children will feel the spirit of Christmas while teaching them of Jesus' birth.

I hope that we can all reflect on what is most important. While we are taught to give, lets remember what Christ would have us give. Most importantly let us remember what Christ has given to us. Feel of your Savior's love, then spread that love for everyone to feel.

I wish you all a very wonderful Christmas Season!


alisonwonderland said...

thanks for sharing this! life is good! enjoy the season!

p.s. i do think joseph is a good name for the baby!

Katkat said...

Every where we go my son points out baby Jesus.And sings happy birthday to him. It makes me so happy that he knows that it's not about the presents.