Thursday, February 15, 2007

Entertainment from a 4 year old.

The other day I had my two kids at Wal Mart getting Valentines stuff. They were in the cart and fighting like crazy. I wanted to leave so bad, but I knew that I didn't have any other time to get what I needed. While clenching my teeth and walking through the store and a man came on the over head intercom and said something. I really have no idea what he said, but what my son said was something that I will never forget.

Right after the guy finished on the intercom my little dude looked strait up at the ceiling. Then very seriously looked me in the face and asked. "Was that Heavenly Father?" I kind of laughed and just said no. Then he asked me "Was it Jesus then?" Right then a lady that was walking by heard him ask me this and just started to laugh. I couldn't stop laughing either. In fact every time I think about it, it makes me laugh. What a funny kid.

How would it be to think that you hear the Lord talking to you over an intercom at Wal Mart. Hahaha.

The entertainment doesn't stop there though. When I was putting him into the bath this morning he was really upset, and wouldn't sit in the water. I asked him what was wrong and he said that the water softener doesn't work. I asked why would he think that. (By the way we just got a new one.) He said "Because I am still skinny." I guess maybe he thought that it was going to fatten him up a bit. Still a funny story to tell all his future girl friends.

I hope your kids are entertaining you too this week!


Summer Engh said...

Hi. That is funny. Made me laugh. Oh, what comes out of a child's mouth is priceless, and sometimes funny.

Christal said...

That is adorable! I wish I could have been there for that! Christal...:)

Katkat said...

oh my gosh!
I too have heard heavenly father in wal-mart. lol

Morgan said...

Hey I once thought God called me on the phone when I was three and acting up. lol

Suzanne said...

That story is precious!! I laughed out loud!