Monday, February 12, 2007


- Little Princess is doing AWESOME still with potty training. She has made a new record in our family! It took little dude about 3 days to get it, it took princess about a day 1/2. She is so proud of herself and so am I! It is really nice to not change diapers. (it gives me a 7 week break)

- I had my doctor's appointment today. I can't believe how fast time is going. I go again in 2 weeks, then every week after that! CRAZY! He says he will induce me a week early so I am looking forward to that! My grand-mother's birthday is on the 28th of March so I am hoping for that day to have him. Everything looks normal and ok. I didn't even gain any weight! I have official permission to eat all the Little Debbie brownies I want to. (permission given from my hubby.

- My hubby is having a hard time with some things at work, and has been asked to work more hours. This makes me sad, but we will all make it through.

- Little dude is really getting antsy for spring. The weather has been nicer her lately and now asks to go play outside more and more. I can't wait until it is warmer and I will want to go out there with him.

- We did our taxes and I just have one thing to say about it "$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!" It is a good one this year!

- We still need so many things for the baby. I can't wait to just have it all ready. I got all little dude's old stuff out and princess had to feel everything. It was really funny! I can't wait to see the kids with him when he gets here! I can't wait to hold him either! Somewhere other than my tummy anyway!

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Suzanne said...

yea for the potty training success!!! I can't believe you're so close to the end either!

I understand how working long hours is.... I'll be thinking about you guys!

Have a good week!