Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is this what warm weather is going to bring?

The Low Monster has been sneaking around our house this week. Low as in she has been in the 30's at least once every day so far this week.

Since it is nice outside (finally) she has been playing tons. I have been checking her often and giving her little snacks (like a few grapes here and there so she doesn't go so low while playing outside. This brought up a question that I am turning to my Internet friends.

When it is summer or when she is getting more exercise what is a good way to stay clear of these lows? Dose changes? Small snacks?

I am afraid I am going to go check on her and she is going to be passed out somewhere.

Help my wonderful world of Diabetics (parents and otherwise) that I have never met!


Amy said...

Last summer, we swam every day and I had to be extra careful at night because she would drop low- the long term effect of exercise! I'm planning on keeping a close eye on Jada and testing frequently. Our weather here (Oklahoma) has been warm off and on all winter and she plays outside all day when the weather is good. She definitely requires more carbs with all the exercise! You'll do great!

The Lyon's said...

The best way for that is carbs with a meat like peanut butter is one of the best but the best thing to is to watch her and test and cute back on the insulin but make sure you talk to her doc. first before doing anything.
My friend had your Mommy Going Crazy blog button on her blog so I thought I would check it out.
Also she is going to be going through a Honeymoon stage where she is still producing insulin on her own. If you have other questions don't hesitate to ask.

Cindy said...

Hey, I'm Chari's sister and have been stalking your blog since she told me your daughter was diagnosed (hope ya don't mind!). My husband is diabetic (since age 5 or 6). Obviously he's a little older and takes care of it himself now. When he's more active, he definitely has to keep a much closer eye everything. He eats quite a bit more, and also cuts back on insulin. It's probably going to get even more busy for you with checking her and keeping an eye on her for the spring/summer time. Just remember, it's good for her to be out and being active, though!

Hannah said...

I wish I had some answers for you...but you have a few weeks on us. I'm learning as much as you are...I appreciate everyone's input so I can be prepared, also.

Samantha said...

Shannon, thanks for your sweet comment! It really meant a lot to me. You are such a good friend.

Tony Rose said...

Yeah, I might adjust the dose slowly to see if things improve. With the warmer weather coming, being outside more and more active it would definitely be a concern. With yard work, going for walks and just playing with my daughter outside, I run into the low monster more frequently.
I don't always think that more carbs is the right answer. I would work the dose a little first - some fine tuning.

Tristan said...

My advice for anything the low monster sends your way is complex carbs with protein like a meat/cheese sandwich or something. Fruit and veggie carbs don't last long for me but bread type carbs with protein keep the blood sugar up longer.

I'm sure the doctor is still fine tuning everything. Sometimes changes from the doctor equal several lows. For now treat the lows but I'm sure the doctor will be adjusting her insulin needs to match her new activity level. She still needs to be a regular kid! Good luck and enjoy the nice weather.

Karpoozi said...

You might need some basal changes if she is going to be more active all summer. (Not so easy though...hard to know what time of the day she will be most active...)

Just want to say....I have been in this game for close to 9 years and I can truly say: hang in there. It gets better!

Kim said...

I wish I could help. :( Keeping you in my prayers.