Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prediction? Maybe.

On Sunday night I had a dream that I was diabetic. I have no idea how it feels, but it seemed so real. I was in the middle of talking to someone, in my dream, and I started to feel pretty crappy. My lungs and heart felt heavy, my eyes were blurry, I couldn't stop shaking, and I could hardly talk. I decided to pull out my tester and see what I was at. Just as I tested myself and saw the number 34 I passed out. The dream never continued, but I really wanted to tell the Princess about it when I woke up.

The morning started, we got everyone off to school and I completely forgot about it. Until after picking Princess up from school. She mentioned that she didn't feel very well and wanted to be tested. This sparked my memory of my dream so I started to tell her "Oh! So I had this dream last night..."

I grabbed her tester.

"It was strange, I was diabetic."

I poked her finger

"I was really low in my dream. I tested and I was at..."

I read the meter 33!!!!!

Holy cow! I panicked a little. Dude asked me again what I was at in my dream. I told him 34. he laughed and said that was almost as low as Princess! Yea Bud, I know!

Maybe I can predict the future!


Amy said...

Wow- interesting for sure! :)

:) Tracie said...

Hmmmm....maybe just divine timing?!

The Lyon's said...

I my name is Teresa and saw your blog from a friends blog. I saw that your daughter is a diabetic I also am a diabetic and have been for 24 yrs. I like to hear other peoples story's with diabetis. How long has your daughter been a diabetic?
If you don't want to answer that is fine as well. If you do that is great as well. If you have any questions let me know if I can help.

My Kids Mom said...

How are you doing by the way? I have a nephew who is type 1 and my mother who is insulin dependant type 2. I am type 2 but maintaining it with diet and metphormin. I think you had the dream because that is what you are afraid of the most for your princess. My glucose count has gotten as low as 11 (doctors at the hospital thought I should be dead for sure - and maybe rightly so - but I wasn't. Because I had little ones at home, I refused to give in and pass out, knowing I would never come back. I think Mommy's have a sixth sense about their children. That is why I alway depend on my gut instinct whenever I can. You are a great Mom and your princess is extremely lucky to have you.

Kim said...

Poor sweet girl. Maybe you can predict the future (but I hope you don't have diabetes.)

Cheesesquid said...

i have done that before, 3 times actually. 2 dreams were about me, not knowing how to figure out how much insulin i needed and the other forgetting to order pump supplies.

3rd was about my sister, i wake up after each one thinking "last time my blood sugar levels were checked they were perfect! and i hope i don't predict the future."

it could be because you have to think about it so much, if you think about something enough you can dream about it.