Monday, March 16, 2009

Never Never Land vs Reality

Last week my kids and I built a large blanket fort. We grabbed as many blankets and pillows that we could find to make it as comfortable as possible. With a little lamp and lots of books we escaped off to lands where a little monkey gets into lots of trouble, where a sponge lives in a pineapple, and where a little girl named Nancy likes the finer things in life. Reality was no where to be found. I loved it.

I finally realized that maybe Never Never Land was created when someones reality was too much to bear. Wishing on a star might have been a cry for help. Maybe a last resort. Who am I to blame them? Going to a land where you don't have to grow up, make grown up decisions, or do anything but play sounds really good to me too! Even facing Captain Hook sounds easy compared to the trials of reality.

Since, I have dreamed of my land where the house cleans itself, no bills to worry about and the kids never fight. Where diabetes doesn't exist and our little family could snack on carbs all day long with no consequences. Where eternal sunshine and laughter fills my soul to the brim. Where skinned knees never happen and broken hearts are unheard of.

Of course I know this could never be. We are counseled that how could we see the good in life if we don't have adversity? (read almost all of 2 Nephi) We have to understand that all trials in life are there for a purpose. We are to learn and grow from them. Since I am not perfect I will continue being tried, with every step being a little easier to handle.

This doesn't stop me from wanting to escape though. Dreaming brings perspective to life, helps with my goals, and it just feels good to forget for a minute. So excuse me while I go prepare a magical feast for the animals. Maybe Mac & Cheese will give us super hero powers today.


Holly | Reed Photographic said...

Very insightful, Shannon. I really enjoyed this post. Hugs.

EngineeringNerd said...

Thanks for that post. It was very fun to read.

shannon said...

What a sweet post! You have a great way with words!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was funny seeing my name there in the comments...How did you find me again?

Shippensburg is in a different stake...I'm not sure if it's Valley Forge or possibly Reading--

Did your brother like serving out in this area? It's always interesting to hear what people's reaction is to live in an area where lds members are the total minority! I am originally from the east, so I love's beautiful here...

P.S.--I looked at your photography blog and you really have a gift!
You are so talented!

Gretchen said...

What a fun mommy you are!

Someone mentioned something about your photography blog...I'm going to have to find that.

Christy said...

you are such a GREAT mom!!!!

Hannah said...

What great memories your kids will have! I hope you find your never never land. :)