Thursday, September 10, 2009

I got this email this morning:

"Your blog called me. It asked me to give you a poke and say "where is the love?""

I love you Holly!

You are right. My blog does need a little love.

So just because of that I am going to list a few things that over the next little bit I will be blogging about. Just so you can consider yourself updated.

~Back to school. Can you believe I haven't done that yet?

~My awesome pump holders that family and friends have made!

~The coolest package I got in the mail from the coolest sister in law!

~The JDRF walk! It was amazing guys! What a cool thing!

~Our trip to Twin Falls, Idaho. I know what you are thinking....the ONLY chance we get to take a family trip and we go to IDAHO? Don't laugh! It was awesome!

~What my hubby is up to! I love that guy!


~Whoever thought I could go a month without writing about diabetes was wrong. I have an update.

Now, there you have it. Somewhat of an update. I promise I will post pictures too.

Missed you guys! But I will not let you down!


The Piquant Storyteller said...

I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how school is going. Can't wait for more posts :)

Shamae said...

Well don't let people knock Idaho---I love it here. lol Can't wait for more updates!

Holly said...

Yay - some activity!