Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The new job

So most of you know that a year and a half ago my hubby lost his job.

Since then he has worked as a car salesmen, washed windows, tons of odd jobs for people to earn a little extra money, and then the job he is doing now fixing computers and networks as a contract employee.

I consider all those jobs blessings. I really do! Each and every one of them has helped us stay sort of a float. But even with working his tail off it still hasn't been quite enough. He loves working on computers and would love that job to be a full 40 hours a week, but it just isn't. An opportunity came his way to be able to still do that, and work for another job on the side. After lots of prayers and lots of thinking about it he accepted. We are pretty sure this is going to be pretty good for him.

He is now working for World Financial Group as a Financial Advisor. This means he will come into the home of anyone in need of a snapshot of their finances and a plan for their future. He will assist in going over every cent and advise the best plan to be where you want to be with your money. The best part about all this? It is FREE to the client!!! If you are in need of life insurance or any of the other way cool products that will help with financial stability in retirement then he can get you set up with those (they are not free, but something that everyone needs!)

So that is it! If anyone knows anyone that could benefit from any of this let us know! He needs the practice with friends and family, so don't be annoyed if he calls you to set up a meeting! He works on leads (given from the company and from friends and family) so he is still trying to build up a clientele.

I am excited to see him doing what he has been wanting to do. It is exactly what he was doing at the bank, but has the freedom to do more. It is good to see him have more confidence in himself again. With the hard path that we have traveled he deserves to be successful!

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Meri said...

So happy that your sweet hubby has found some exciting employment! My sister's husband has been looking for 6 months now, (they live south of Provo.) I hope this job turns out to be the answer to your prayers!