Friday, November 20, 2009

The Stay

You wouldn't think that I would go to the hospital without my camera would you?

It amazes me that in every picture Little Man has a smile...or a silly face. He was trying SO hard to be brave. He still hates getting pokes and will kindly say "Don't poke me daddy!" Or when it comes time to get his insulin he runs across the room and just cries. I try to comfort him after every poke to make sure he still knows that I love him. It isn't easy on either of us. I don't like to give them just as much if not more than he doesn't like getting them. Oh how I wish I could take this away from my children.

Ok so before I get more emotional here are a few pictures and stories from the hospital stay.

Daddy got to spend most of his time at the hospital with him. I hated not being there all the time, but I couldn't ask for anyone better to be with him. I am so thankful for my hubby and all that he does for us! He truly is an amazing man. Little Man was lucky to have him by his side, and lucky to have him in our lives in general.

That cute little teddy bear he is holding was given to him by his little "girl friend" Jessie. So what if Jessie is 13 years old, he LOVES Jessie! He was super happy to see her! We were all happy to see her and her mom and dad! Even if it did take Jessie lying about her age to get into the hospital! (Because of H1N1 all children under 14 are not allowed into the hospital.) I can't believe we were so stressed on minute then the next laughing so hard my sides hurt! It was great medicine for the soul!

Our good friend Matt came by too. It was so awesome of him to come! He even brought Little Man this silly orange monkey that makes the most obnoxious noise ever. The kid LOVES it!

My dear friend Cari came and visited for the afternoon as well. Her care package has been making me smile ever since. When the princess was diagnosed she bought me the cutest slippers and we joked about how things can't be THAT bad if you have a cute pair of slippers! Well among the many things she brought me were a very cute pair of fuzzy pink slippers! I LOVE THEM! She gave Little Man's Mack (his duck) a new name Mac Roni n' Cheese. He is STILL laughing about that! Thanks Cari! You are such a good friend!

He wanted so badly to go run the halls before bed. He was getting restless in his room and just needed some exercise. But after I put his jammies on him he realized there was a hole in the foot. Saying he was annoyed by it doesn't really explain it right. He kept going on and on about how is toe won't stay in. He was majorly bugged by it. So after him telling the 5 or so nurse that he didn't like the hole I asked for a pair of scissors so I could cut the foot off. We gone one off and he was so happy! We went to do the other foot and he refused! Threw a fit was more like it. He was just fine with the way that it was now. So yes, he walked around with one foot cut off his jammies. VERY RED NECK! The nurse did give him some slippers so he would fall on his run! HE HAD A BALL! Even if it was 10:00 at night!

Remember my post about the mural on the wall and the man playing the piano? Well here is a picture of the mural. I almost cried when I saw it again! I am so grateful that I have a picture of it now. It really is a great reminder to me.

You will never guess who was Little Man's nurse? For anyone that has read the post that I wrote a year ago about the Princess' stay in the hospital would know Dan. He colored with her and played with her ALL AFTERNOON! She loved it! Well Dan was our night nurse so they didn't do much playing, but they still had fun! I had to get the proof. He even remembered us!
He had (and still does have) lots of lows. Less now, we have been changing things like crazy still, but he didn't get much sleep. We were packing things up to go home and look what he did.

He fell asleep between the wall and the chair/bed while loving on his Jessie bear. It was so adorable that I had to get a picture!
So there you have it. The stay!
We are trying to not repeat this again next year!


phonelady said...

I hate to se children in the hospital glad he did not have to stay too long . yes the mural was a great reminder huh . Love it . I want you to know you have lots of support out here my dear . we know what you are going through . take care dear and hugs to you and your family .

Kelly said...

Soooo cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE kids in pajamas! ((HUGS))

Meri said...

It amazes me how resilient little boys are. I love that he is stubborn. I love that he only wanted one foot cut off. I love that he smiled and ran his way through the halls. He is going to thrive through it all. :)

He is so cute. Definitely a keeper!

Amy said...

THANKS for sharing the photos!!! Loved them! The one footed CUTE is that??? It was refreshing to just see him being a little boy and to know that diabetes doesn't change who he is!

Megann said...

Good job for taking pictures. I didn't take a single picture during Lainey's hospital stay. I regret it now.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

I love your posts. There is life after diabetes. You capture that in your posts as you show your children just being normal children, even while in the hospital. Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom.

LakeLady said...

Delightful child, wonderful Mama, and life will go on beautiful and great.

Shamae said...

Oh he is just so sweet! I'm sorry you are doing this with another kido but he has a great family to go through this with!