Thursday, December 03, 2009

The endo went well today. It seemed we were there forever and I kept my cool the entire time.

Here are the stats:

Little Princess
She is always high. Always. So in the last few weeks we have changed everything. Her carb ratios, her basal rates, and her correction amounts. It seems nothing works. Her A1c is now 8.3. Higher, but it could be worse. And like I said before, I totally saw this coming. We just have to keep changing things until we get it right. The doctor assured me that it isn't anything that we are doing wrong. It is just because she is coming out of (or is officially out of) her honeymoon stage.

We talked again about the infusion sets. He said there is another patient of his that is having the same problems. He wrote us a letter to provide to the insurance company stating that we can't use the other ones because it causes bleeding, redness, bruising, and more frequent changes. He said that if that doesn't work he will see what else he can do. This was pretty good news to me!

Little Man
He is still doing good. His A1c is 5.8. Pretty dang good! We caught the diagnosis so early on that he will have a pretty long honeymoon stage. He does get insulin at every meal. It is a super small amount at 1/4 of a unit for every 20 carbs he eats. (and since most doctors don't go into the 1/4 units that would be 1 unit for every 80 carbs. See I told you it was a small amount) He isn't using Lantus or any other long lasting insulin. If we weren't giving him insulin at meals though he would have a much higher A1c. There have been a few times that he has snuck foods and his blood sugar jumps up way high. So if we can just keep things going the way we are for awhile then we can take the stress off his pancreas and hopefully his honeymoon will last a little while longer.

We are ordering him a pump though. We hopefully will have it by the end of the month. He won't be using it just yet, but since we don't know what we are going to be doing about insurance at the end of the month we wanted to get it while it was paid for. That way we will be prepared for when the time comes that he will need it.

He is still learning to be brave. He really doesn't mind the finger pokes too much. But when it comes time to give the insulin shot he kicks and screams. It takes one of us to hold him and the other to give the shot. It hurts to have to do that, but someday he will get used to it. Then way later down the road he will understand that we do it to keep him healthy. He is starting to ask how many carbs are in foods though. It makes me laugh that a 2 year old thinks about that kind of stuff.

So there we have it. Another diabetes related post. Sometime I will be able to write about something else. Hey maybe I will post about Dude's new found talent! That kid is AMAZING! Stay tuned for that one, you will be blown away!


Amy said...

WoooHOOO! Good job Shannon! Good numbers...good awesome mom! Thanks for the update!

AjsMommy82 said...

Hope you kept you word and enjoyed a big cookie when you got home!!! :)
Not that I have anything to compare it to but I think the little ones take it harder in the beginning because they don't get it but I think they forget the old life much much sooner! Hang in there!

Hallie said...

Yea! Happy to hear good news! I'm so proud of you! You have such a great attitude and are handling this all amazingly!
Little Man sounds like Avery! She hated shots and I hated holding her down. It just rips your heart out. I kept waiting for it to get better ... It did. It took 5 months but we got there and you will too!
Great idea to get the pump now. Ours came with lots of supplies so hopefully yours will too!!
Good job, Mommy! You're doing great!

Wendy said...

Look at you, girl!

Rockin' out the beautiful A1c's with a smile.

That's awesome...and I think 8.3 is great for ending the honeymoon.

Keep up the great work and hold your head high...because YOU are doing a FANTASTIC job :)

phonelady said...

wow im jealous of his a1c number wow that is almost unheard of . You know I know how you feel about not having insurance . My friends just found out theirs is ending on december 31 and now she does not know what she is going to do . Oh well guess she will find a free clinic if there are any of those left out there . try to find one when your insurance ends dear so you can get qualified . we will talk later have a great day .

Missy Gowans said...

Shannon I have a question. I am starting to wonder about my little guy. What should I look for ? I should know the answer, I was raised by a diabetic, but I really don't want to upset my mom so I don't want to say anything to her unless I need too. If i want to get him tested should i just go to my pediatrition or a specialist ? I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid :) Thank you !!!!!

Meri said...

We did the same thing you are doing with your little guy for a few months with L and B.

And this month I have been changing ratios and sensitivities all over the place! Ebbs and flows friends...ebbs and flows.

Keep up the great work!

Shamae said...

Good job Shannon!! You guys are doing such a great job! Your Little Man really doesn't need much insulin yet does he? Well great! I'm glad you got a pump for him too!

Holly said...

You are doing awesome. We miss you guys and want to get together soon.