Friday, August 11, 2006

Gotta Flush

Most parents don't have to call poison control ever while their kids are young. Me however, I have called twice in the last year. The first time was when my little dude was playing in the back yard and ate one of those mushrooms growing in the grass. I thought that those things being poisonous was a myth. Guess what, it isn't! They are dangerous, but he didn't eat the kind that was. Thank goodness!

The second time that I had to call was last night. My kids wanted a treat. I told them no. So what did they do? Get into the Vitamin C bottle and ate half the bottle. We assume that they had about 30,000 ml of Vitamin C. That's a lot! The guy at poison control said that we needed to keep them awake (it was bed time) and flush out their systems. So until almost midnight we kept the kids awake trying to get them to drink as much as they can! Then the rest of the night I was up helping them pee!

One last thing you should go visit my new friend Becky and give her good wishes! She just found out that she is going to have a baby in April. Just like me! But they have been trying for a few years, so this is great news for them!


Becky said...

Oh my gosh!!! you must have been so scared when you found out what they had done!!!! they'll be safe from colds for YEARS TO COME now! Are they doing ok this morning?? Hopefully you all can take a nap this afternoon.

Thanks for the listing my link on your post today. you are too sweet!!!! it will be fun to have someone to chat with during these next SEVERAL weeks....approximatly 36 weeks for me....unless it's twins and then a little less.

Courtney said...

OMG- That must have given you a ton of gray hair! I'm glad they are OK. You should write all this down. Then, when they have kids you can give it to them so they know all the crazy stuff they did!

I am also due in April. We have been trying for 19 months... So we are really really excited! I'm glad to have another buddy to go through this with!

Katkat said...

thats so scary I'm glad all is well now. I had to call once when my son ate diaper cream. He was ok and i was just greatful I could call someone.

MommyOutOfControl said...

OMG...they REALLY wanted a treat, huh? I had to call once too...Matthew ate a whole tube of Blistex Silk and Shine. Not harmful by the way...just in case your little ones decide it tastes good too! Our kids sound sooo much alike, huh?