Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More pictures of my kids having a fun summer

I promised them and so here they are. You can check out the picture slide show of our trip to Idaho and also our trip to the Zoo here. I think the kids are having a fun summer, but I can feel it winding down. This makes me a little sad, but excited for the road ahead. The change of season brings lots of new changes. Our lives are going by fast, and the kids are getting bigger by the minute. I am so grateful that I have taken tons of pictures to help remember the times that we share together.

Things are going better this week. Other than smashing my finger in my cursed jeep's door, things are actually going great! My hubby and little princess have been feeling a little under the weather, but this makes for a few much needed lazy days for the whole family.

I am actually starting to notice that I am pregnant now. This sucks a little because I am maybe only 5 weeks along. I tried on two pairs of my jeans the other night and they didn't fit. This baby will be well padded if we are going to start this early. Also the other two times that I have been pregnant I haven't been able to eat one of my favorite foods, onions. They make me really nauseous. Well, I ate them yesterday and I was on the verge of throwing up the rest of the day. Also almost anything can bring tears to my eyes. Things ranging from a song on the radio, to something my kids have said or done to this story on the news. Yup it is going to be a long road if all this is going to start now.

Well good luck to all as your week goes on. We will be praying here for a quiet and calm week!


Becky said...

Hello!! Thank you for visiting my sight and leaving such a sweet, inspiring story. congrats on the new baby!!! and APRIL!!!! how awesome!!! DIAMOND! heeeheeee....

kind of another funny thing.....i just got done reading the story about the twins who were just seperated and then came here and you had been reading it too.....did you see that they have a 6 year old and set of boy twins too (14 months!) WHEW!!

Anyway, I'm hoping and hoping for good things this thursday. i'll be back to visit you too!!!

Thanks again for the smiles!


Becky said...

oops! i ment sweet, inspiring COMMENT!!! duh!!

Morgan said...

congrats on the new baby.

Thanks for visting my blog.

I will be keeping a eye at your blog