Monday, November 05, 2007


I have been thinking lately that I need to set some goals for myself. I have had so many things going on and time management has never been one of my strong points. I am feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, so maybe a few goals are my solution.

Any time that I have made a few goals for myself all I have ever done is made a mental note of them and a few weeks later tried to evaluate how I have been doing. Then shortly after I give up. This time I will be different. Some of these goals will really make life easier for me so I really want to stick to them. I thought that posting them will make it fresh on my mind every time I think about my blog. So here they are:

I got out of the shower the other morning to my little princess trying to burn down a tree in the back yard with some matches she found. This gave me an idea for two goals.

#1 I want to be dressed and ready for the day every morning before the kids wake up. That way we will not have any catastrophes while I try to shower. And I will hopefully feel better about my appearance and not be caught in any embarrassing moments in my jammies anymore.

#2 Guess it is time to clean out all closets and drawers and organize a bit. I didn't even know there were matches in the drawer for princess to find. It is always nice to be able to find what your looking for anyway.

I have realized that my little dude has inherited his bad temper from me. I am so bad at not resorting to the same fits as him when he is in trouble. This totally needs to stop on my side and on his. So my goals here are:

#3 I need to be a better example to my family. Trying to control my temper, and being slow to anger is a must around here.

#4 Praying to have guidance with my parenting skills and patience. More personal prayers as well.

#5 Spending more time with the family instead of worrying about all the things that need to be done and making sure that no matter what my kids and husband know that I love them.

My house has been an out of control mess. I feel that I just have so much work to do and cleaning the house is always last to get done. We have been eating crappy and we haven't been getting enough sleep. So the normal stuff like:

#6 Trying to clean the house and have dinner ready for when Daddy comes home, then getting the kids to bed at a decent time every night might help so I can work for an hour or so each night.

Well there they are. I think that each Monday for a month or so I am going to give myself a report card and post it here. If you know me or see me each day, or feel that you need to comment, please do. I am so hard on myself that I end up missing the little things that might help me feel better. Any ideas will help too!


FitGeGe said...

What a great idea! I need to do the same thing...!

Kim said...

Very inspiring, I could stand to do a few of these myself! Good luck on your quest!

Robin and Stephenie said...

I go through the samething my problem is keeping it up. It is so hard to have a family and work at home and try to get everything done. It is always nice to set goals to make ourselves happier and our family happy.